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Erik Acosta

Erik Acosta, Editor-in-Chief

Erik Acosta is the editor-in-chief for The Prospector. He is a senior majoring in multimedia journalism with a minor in theatre. He plans to pursue a career in broadcast journalism and print with hopes of working at LA times, Washington Post and ABC News.

All content by Erik Acosta
Erik graduated on May 11 with a bachelors in multimedia journalism.

It’s time to go (Erik’s Version)

Erik Acosta, Editor-in-Chief May 17, 2024

If someone had told freshman me during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic that one day I would be editor-in-chief of a student newspaper, grow as a journalist, have an internship and meet people who have now become close friends, I probably wouldn't...

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A rendering of the new Texas Western Hall that will replace the current Liberal Arts Building. Photo courtesy of UTEP.

UTEP says farewell to the Liberal Arts Building

Erik Acosta, Editor-in-Chief May 9, 2024

As students and faculty stroll through Centennial Plaza, they’re welcomed by the Liberal Arts Building that has held its ground at UTEP since 1961. Over six decades later, the building will soon have a new home.  Texas Western Hall, the building...

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Passing the Picks Legacy

Passing the Pick’s Legacy

Erik Acosta, Editor-in-Chief April 30, 2024

May begins to roll around signaling the end of the semester, but for graduating seniors, it is the end of their undergraduate years at UTEP. As seniors begin to plan their graduation outfits, take their senior photos at Centennial Plaza or around campus...

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“Cue the Miners,” an online media platform started in January 2024, spotlights design, technology and stage management students, the voices who bring UTEP theatre productions to life. Photo courtesy of @cue_the_miners on Instagram.

Lighting the stage for the UTEP Theatre Department

Erik Acosta, Editor-in-Chief March 22, 2024

A group of theatre students have fostered a new sense of community and belonging in the UTEP Theatre department that celebrates and highlights students who bring their unique talent to the world of theater at UTEP. “Cue the Miners,” an online media...

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The 5th Circuit will hold another hearing on April 13, seeking to hear any more arguments regarding Senate Bill 4. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

The fate of Senate Bill 4 continues to remain unknown

Erik Acosta, Editor-in-Chief March 19, 2024

Editor’s Note: More updates on Senate Bill 4 will be provided in this article as more updates happen. Update: March 20, 2024 Late Tuesday night, hours after The U.S Supreme Court allowed for Texas to enforce Senate Bill 4, an appeals court requested...

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Judy Moore, Associate Director of the Office of International Programs and Study Abroad, believes that international experience can help you stand out in graduate programs and future jobs.

UTEP study abroad program offers students a new cultural mindset

Erik Acosta, Editor-In-Chief March 12, 2024

From the sun-kissed white beaches of Kenya to the highland paradise of Panama that lingers with a vibrant city and pure nature, is an adventure unique for travelers and the UTEP study abroad program offers that once in a lifetime college experience for...

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‘Los Empeños de Una Casa’ is a bilingual production that had its opening night Feb. 23 at the Wise Family Theatre located at the UTEP Fox Fine Arts building.

Fall in love with ‘Los Empeños de Una Casa’

Erik Acosta, Editor-In-Chief February 28, 2024

As the season of love dwindles, an epic showdown of battle for love begins to blossom at the Wise Family Theatre. “Los Empeños de Una Casa” is a new bilingual production and theatrical showdown that opened Feb. 23, and brings the Spanish Golden Age...

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Photo illustration of the Don Haskins statue set to be unveiled during a prep rally on Feb. 24.

Coach Don Haskins continues to live on

Erik Acosta, Editor-In-Chief January 30, 2024

A game changer, mentor, and legend is what El Pasoans would describe legendary Coach Don Haskins and his unforgettable impact on the UTEP community. He was the first coach in history to start five African American players in the 1966 national championship...

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Renato Aguilera, Ph.D lead the team that found a promising compound to combat leukemia.

UTEP research team laying the foundation for new cancer treatment

Erik Acosta, Editor-In-Chief January 25, 2024

In late 2007, a team of UTEP researchers began working on a drug that could potentially kill cancer cells. Their extensive research has come to a revolutionary breakthrough as Renato Aguilera, Ph.D., and a team of Ph.D. students discovered a compound...

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Faculty members Beatrice Lee, Ph.D., and Emre Umucu, both part of the College of Health Sciences, were awarded a $250,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Photo courtesy of UTEP

UTEP researchers receive grant to help disabled community

Erik Acosta, Editor-In-Chief January 23, 2024

UTEP College of Health Sciences announces their researchers will begin to work on improving employment barriers among veterans and Asian Americans with disabilities. Researchers Beatrice Lee, Ph.D., and Emre Umucu, Ph.D., both faculty members from the...

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In my Editor-in-Chief era

In my Editor-in-Chief era

Erik Acosta, Editor-In-Chief January 18, 2024

One year ago, I walked into the Student Media and Publications office for the first time as a staff reporter for The Prospector. I remember feeling nervous, overwhelmed and excited about what was to come in this new journalistic experience. Before then,...

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UTEP graduate and student Xavier Bates is earning his degree in multidisciplinary studies and will graduate this semester. Photo courtesy of Xavier Bates

A UTEP graduate journey through CASS

Erik Acosta, Web Editor December 12, 2023

As the clock ticks down towards commencement day, some graduates begin to reflect on the journey and support they received throughout their undergraduate years. Soon to be UTEP graduate Xavier Bates, a multidisciplinary studies major, considers his parents,...

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UTEP had until Sept. 8 to send documents to prove accreditation.

UTEP accreditation ‘warning status’ is officially removed

Erik Acosta, Web Editor December 5, 2023

UTEP officials announced Tuesday morning, Dec. 5 that the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) has removed the warning status from the university accreditation.   This summer the Board of Trustees from SACSCOC...

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UTEPs accreditation status will be reviewed and revealed in December.

UTEP avoids loss of accreditation

Erik Acosta, Web Editor December 5, 2023

As the summer months rolled by, UTEP dealt with more than just blazing heat, but a warning status at the risk of losing its accreditation. With the holiday season right around the corner, so is UTEP's accreditation status, which will be reviewed in December...

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President Dr. Heather Wilson stated she enjoys listening to Taylor Swift.

A glimpse into the life of President Dr. Heather Wilson

Erik Acosta, Web Editor November 28, 2023

With dedication and a love for aviation, UTEP President Dr. Heather Wilson has begun to leave her mark at the university since her start as the president in 2019. UTEP students may know the hardworking president as someone who brought in an era of innovative...

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UTEP Student Government Association President Alex Rodriguez and Vice President of Internal Affairs Alejandro Balderrama-Sanchez have resigned from office.

UTEP SGA members resign

Erik Acosta, Web Editor November 17, 2023

UTEP Student Government Association (SGA) President Alex Rodriguez and Vice President of Internal Affairs Alejandro Balderrama-Sanchez have resigned from office The resignations came at the end of the weekly Fall Senate Session, Nov. 9. Rodriguez and...

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The 2024 United States presidential election takes place on the first Tuesday of November 2024, and this civic tradition will mark America’s 60th presidential contest. Photo courtesy Matt Hecht/ Creative Commons License

A glimpse of the upcoming presidential election

Erik Acosta, Web Editor November 8, 2023

As Americans across the country are stuffing their stomachs with ham or cranberry sauce this holiday season, they are also gearing up to rush to the polls and start preparing for next year’s presidential election.  The 2024 United States presidential...

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Republican Mike Johnson was chosen as the new speaker of the House after a unanimous vote from Congress Oct. 25.  Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Republicans appoint a new speaker of the House

Erik Acosta, Web Editor November 2, 2023

After three weeks of trials and errors, House Republicans ended their 22 days of political chaos in search for a new speaker of the House with Rep. Mike Johnson, a conservative Republican from Louisiana. Congress officials came together in unity to vote...

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Attendees embrace at the All Out For Garza rally held on Oct. 21.

El Pasoans voicing their pains amid conflict in Israel and Gaza

Erik Acosta, Web Editor October 24, 2023

Children's clothes seen in rubble, destroyed houses and buildings are seen for miles as innocent civilians cry and yell in agony for their loved ones wounded or deceased under the broken bricks after countless air strikes in Gaza. Blood stains and wounds...

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Attendee looks upon the art on display at the Queer History Month Gallery.

Remembering queer voices and history through art

Erik Acosta, Web Editor October 10, 2023

As crisp autumn leaves begin to fall, a month of celebrating and remembering queer history is upon us as brothers, sisters and siblings in the LGBTQ+ community hold hands to share their stories and experiences. In remembrance of those like Marsha P. Johnson...

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Chairez (left) says that she created her name with the help of her brother when creating a Myspace profile in middle school.

A collaboration of queer and Latinx beauty

Erik Acosta, Web Editor October 10, 2023

Continuous bills restricting drag performances, endless protests and arrests of drag queens; is all what the drag community has faced over the years, an uphill struggle fighting for their voices and freedom. Fellow Latinx drag queens like Gigi Chairez...

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Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare performed by UTEP Theatre and Dance.

Shakespeare festival blending cultures together

Erik Acosta, Web Editor October 3, 2023

Embodying the Shakespearean magic, a local community came together for a cross-cultural event for their annual festival of the Shakespeare play, “Twelfth Night.” Hosted at Madeline Park, Jay Stratton, the artistic director of the show, saw the magic...

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Star Wars characters appear at the El Paso Space Festival for their fans.

El Paso Space Festival launching into orbit

Erik Acosta, Web Editor September 26, 2023

A galactic atmosphere filled with kids dressed in space costumes, aliens and astronaut inflatables filled the room as the fifth annual El Paso Space Festival kicked off Sept. 22.   It was a festive aura bringing people together, where families and...

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The UTEP Career Center can be found at the Union West Building, Room 103, is open to all students, from incoming graduates to seniors and graduate students.

UTEP Career Center sets students up for success

Erik Acosta, Web Editor September 15, 2023

Guiding students to their full potential, UTEP Career Center is one of many resources the university offers to its students. From undergraduate students to graduate students, navigating the world of finding a job or internship can be challenging for some...

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SHPE and MAES come together for their first meeting of the year, on Sept. 7. At the El Paso Natural Gas Conference Center (EPNGCC).

Organization helps grow the new STEM thinkers of tomorrow, today

Erik Acosta, Web Editor September 13, 2023

As students chanted “Go Miners,” a welcoming atmosphere filled the air as two non-profit organizations, The Society of Professional Hispanics Engineers (SHPE) and Latinos in Science and Engineering (MAES), came together for their first general meeting...

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Is karma coming around for Scooter Braun?

Is karma coming around for Scooter Braun?

Erik Acosta, Web Editor September 11, 2023

From hanging around with Taylor Swift to managing some of the biggest pop stars in the world, life has been smooth for Scooter Braun. But recently, everyone has been getting off the scooter, so has karma tracked him down?  Recently, news broke that...

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Starting a new journey at The Prospector

Starting a new journey at The Prospector

Erik Acosta, Web Editor August 31, 2023

Growing up, I was not the kid to play sports or go outside and hang out with other kids. I enjoyed staying inside, playing with my toys and letting my imagination run wild.    I loved writing and my English classes; I would get so excited every...

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Attendee points his glow-sticks towards the camera.

Welcoming Miners with Texas Western Gold Rush

Erik Acosta, Web Editor August 29, 2023

A new fall semester has begun and UTEP has kicked it off with the annual Texas Western Gold Rush. With students dancing and waving glow sticks in the air, this special annual event was held at the Centennial Plaza, Aug. 28.

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Christoper Nolans new film “Oppenheimer” immerses the audience in the world of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

“Oppenheimer”: A shivering biopic of man who ushered nuclear weapons

Erik Acosta, Web Editor July 26, 2023

Before the sun had risen over the northern edge of the New Mexico desert, a new light engulfed the night sky as flames filled the air. An event that would mark the first detonation of a nuclear weapon and Christoper Nolan's new film “Oppenheimer”...

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Carlos Alcaraz beat Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon July 16 which is known as the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Historic match for the ages at this year’s Wimbledon

Erik Acosta, Web Editor July 20, 2023

Stepping into the grass filled with anxiety and determination, Carlos Alcaraz, a 20-year-old Spanish prodigy, looked into the eyes of Novak Djokovic. The 36-year-old superstar who holds 23 Grand Slam tournament titles and has beaten the hopes and dreams...

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What is up with parking at UTEP?

What is up with parking at UTEP?

Erik Acosta, Web Editor July 14, 2023

There are two things that I hate: people who think Taylor Swift is overrated and student parking at UTEP. After an incident which resulted in me getting two parking tickets because I did not have a permit to park at school, filled with anger and disappointment,...

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It has been two months since the Writers Guild of America went on strike due to many failed negotiations with Hollywood producers as writers demanded better wages due to the high rise of streaming services.  Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Is another Hollywood strike on the horizon?

Erik Acosta, Web Editor July 13, 2023

[UPDATE]: The contract between SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP has expired July 12, with neither side agreeing to a new negotiation. Actors have been calling for increased pay and protection against artificial intelligence but after countless attempts, the union...

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The UTEP community has welcomed senior staff members Dr. Catie McCorry-Andalis and Dr. Amanda Vasquez-Vicario to executive leadership positions.  Photo courtesy of UTEP Newsfeed/Press releases

Longtime UTEP staff members appointed to new executive positions

Erik Acosta, Web Editor June 23, 2023

The UTEP community has welcomed senior staff members Dr. Catie McCorry-Andalis and Dr. Amanda Vasquez-Vicario to executive leadership positions. Thursday, June 22, UTEP announced Andalis would take over as the new Vice President for Student Affairs along...

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Luia Avalos, a Chihuahua native, dreamt of studying at UTEP since he was a kid, and hopes of working at NASA after receiving a $5,000 scholarship from UTEP.

Two international students will soon start their journey at UTEP

Erik Acosta, Web Editor June 15, 2023

A UTEP scholarship brought two Chihuahua, Mexico students' dreams to reality. On June 2, recipients Priscila Garnica and Luis Avalos accepted a $5,000 scholarship from UTEP, an initiative by the study abroad program to bring more international students...

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On June 1, at a joint ribbon-cutting ceremony in Houston and El Paso, NASA and UTEP announced the beginning of a Digital Engineering Design Center (DEDC) at Johnson Space Center.

UTEP and NASA coming together to start a new chapter

Erik Acosta, Web Editor June 15, 2023

NASA has opened its doors for UTEP to have a home at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. June 1 , marked a historic joint ribbon-cutting ceremony in Houston and El Paso, where the pair announced the beginning of a Digital Engineering Design Center (DEDC)...

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The Full Monty showing at the UTEP Dinner Theatre from April 21 to May 7. 

‘The Full Monty’ brings a full house

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter May 7, 2023

With the semester winding down, the UTEP Dinner Theatre decided to end its 40th anniversary with a bang, performing “The Full Monty.” With a packed opening night, the award-winning musical opened April 21, filling the air with laughter and cheers.   Based...

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Dancer performs for those in attendance of “Our secrets as we shed them: Experiencing the Bosque reimaged” on April 20.

‘Gathering for Water’: Bringing life to the community

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter May 4, 2023

UTEP held a two-week dance festival celebrating earth’s most fundamental element, leaving its audience captivated by the beauty of the performances and message.   Gathering for Water, a dance festival put together by Rio Bosque Wetlands Park, Friends...

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Professor Jose D. Maldonado is a UTEP graduate and is now a full-time professor who has spent five years teaching communication classes. Photo courtesy of Professor Jose D. Maldonado

Professor returns to UTEP to impact students

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter May 4, 2023

Entering as a nervous freshman in 2010, a professor whose roots and identity are tied to a university that has stood by his side all these years, Professor Jose D. Maldonado, a UTEP graduate, owes his success to the university.  Graduating in 2015 with...

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(Left to right) Iszac Henig, Lia Thomas, and Schuyler Bailar are all transgender swimmers who take HRT, hormone replacement therapy, as part of gender transition. Photo courtesy of Iszac Henig/ Wikipedia Commons

Is there a nationwide attack on transgender athletes in the US?

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter April 19, 2023

Breaking NCAA records, taking home Olympic medals and being recognized by ESPN and other high-end networks is just a few achievements transgender athletes have been accomplishing for the past few years as many have been paving their way into the sports...

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State Rep. Rhetta Bowers filed for House Bill 567 to help stop public discrimination regarding certain hairstyles such as braids, deadlocks, or twists in schools and workplaces. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

A bright future for the Texas CROWN Act

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter April 18, 2023

Texas could soon welcome a new bill with the help of state Rep. Rhetta Bowers after the Texas Senate drafted a proposal known as House Bill 567 which would prohibit race-based hair discrimination at schools and workplaces.   House Bill 567 is a proposal...

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Former President Donald Trump was indicted March 30 by a Manhattan grand jury for his alleged role in a scandal due to hush money payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons

A long way down: From President to facing criminal charges

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter April 13, 2023

From living in the White House and to having the highest authority in the United States, former President Donald Trump might never experience this luxurious live style again.    His life has now been faced with backlash and legal battles as Trump...

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Michael Vinson Williams, Ph.D., a professor and current director of the African American Studies Program which was established in 1996.

A program that transforms students’ perspectives

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter April 11, 2023

With visionary professors and a dedicated director, the African American Studies Program helps transform a student's educational experience and provides meaningful community engagement while immersing them in the world of Black culture and history. This...

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Omega Body Arts specializes in body modification, human suspension, scarification, eyeball tattooing, ear pointing, tongue splitting, and more. Photo courtesy of Omega Body Arts

Tongue splitting to eye tattoos; the art of body modification

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter April 8, 2023

Tongue splitting, ear reshaping and even culturally significant lip plates are all forms of body modification one can do to one's body. Even though some people may find this form of art bizarre or out of the ordinary, many of these modifications are available...

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Frida Acuna likes to fuse street and formal style while René Acosta describes his style as 70s retro.

A city filled with unique and stylish souls

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter April 5, 2023

From putting on a pair of bell bottoms to styling rustic overalls to rummaging through a closet to find a corset or a button-down shirt to layer with vintage jewelry and accessories; people have found a way to express themselves through fashion. Being...

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According to a statement by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, 30 priority bills are meant to be heard at the next legislative session later this year, including S.B. 16, 17, and 18 which restricts efforts of educators teaching Critical Race Theory in colleges across Texas, ban diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring policies and end tenure in public universities. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Critical Race Theory could just be a theory in Texas Universities

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter April 4, 2023

Sitting in a classroom learning about how laws and social movements can be shaped by social conceptions of race and ethnicity is a subject known as Critical Race Theory. This discipline can transform a student’s knowledge and learning, but a new Senate...

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The University Learning Heights Academy is located at 315 W Schuster Ave.

Lending a Miner hand to student parents

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter April 2, 2023

Hearing a screaming child, along with the occasional headache and emotionally draining days, is the life of a parent. However, for those parents, pursuing their education while caring for a young child can possibly be a bit more overwhelming due to the...

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Sororities offered at UTEP include Apha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Alpha Xi Delta, Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority, Inc., Zeta Tau Alpha and fraternities include Alpha Kappa Lamda, Alpha Sigma Phi, Lamda Chi Alpha, and Phi Delta Theta.

A fresh perspective on Greek life

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter March 31, 2023

Chanting and laughing alongside brothers and sisters at meetings and wearing letters while out on the lawn on a sunny day at Centennial Plaza when tabling with friends, among other fun activities, is what some describe Greek life as. However, this is...

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A dream matchup for some baseball fans took place this past Tuesday, March 21, at a sold-out LoanDepot Park Stadium in Miami, Fl. between the US and Japan.

Team Japan reigns supreme in WBC for third title

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter March 25, 2023

It is the ninth inning, fans cheering, with teammates and coaches anxiously waiting across the sidelines as weeks of exciting international baseball came down to this historic final matchup between Team USA and Team Japan with Los Angeles Angels teammates...

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The annual Film Frontera festival is happening March. 21 and is inviting female and non-binary filmmakers from the U.S.-Mexico border to submit their pieces. Photo courtesy of Femme Frontera

Directing the next generation of female filmmakers

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter March 23, 2023

At any film festival you can find many eating popcorn or drinking refreshments with friends or family while waiting for the unique short films to start. You will see others finding their seats and everyone being welcomed by hosts and other performers.   A...

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The Prospector’s Student-Athlete of the Month: Alexia Morales

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter March 22, 2023

Growing up near softball stadiums, attending countless softball games and tournaments, hearing fans screaming, parents cheering and having teammates supporting each other, has been the world that revolves around UTEP junior outfielder Alexia ‘Lexi’...

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Designers like Alexander Wang are still invited and applauded during New York Fasion week despite sexual assault allegations. Photo courtesy of Eoin Noonan/Flickr

The issues surrounding Fashion Week

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter March 4, 2023

With gleaming catwalks and high-end fashion models strutting down the runway, fashion week is one of the most anticipated events for designers and models, making it everyone’s favorite annual event for fashion-lovers and the high-end clothing associated...

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With House Bill 1006 eliminating “diversity, equity and inclusion” in offices across all public colleges and universities in the state, Governor. Greg Abbott’s office warned earlier this month that state agencies hiring based off inclusion is illegal. Photo courtesy of Larry D. Moore/ Wikipedia Commons

Diversity-based hiring in Texas could be illegal

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter March 3, 2023

Some people say it is refreshing to feel like their workplace is diverse and inclusive, it shows how their employer and hiring team care about creating an environment where everyone has equal access to opportunities. Yet, this hiring process may be illegal...

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As of Feb. 6, 60 mass shooting have been reported in the U.S. according to the Gun Violence Archive. Photo courtesy of Fibonacci Blue

Countless mass shootings and counting, the American reality we live in

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter February 27, 2023

Families wake up every day and expect to enjoy their day with friends or family at the movies or perhaps a day of shopping at the mall, and in a split-second, an individual pulls out a gun and life changes in an instant and sends a shock around the country....

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The El Paso City Council voted 7-1 last month to limit the use of city resources when it comes to criminal investigations of abortions. Photo courtesy of Seattle City Council

A small step toward abortion access for women in Texas

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter February 27, 2023

With occasional posters and shouting across the room, an audience filled the room with strong emotions and opinions on the possible approval of whether a motion could soon be the first step toward abortion access. With the overturning of Roe v. Wade this...

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Former Professor of Biological Science, Dean of the College of Science and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Jack Bristol passed Jan. 14. Photo courtesy the UTEP College of Science’s Facebook

In loving memory of Jack Bristol

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter February 24, 2023

Jack Bristol, Ph.D., a trailblazer and a visionary at UTEP, died last month Jan. 14 , at age 84. Bristol was remembered as an excellent friend, a dedicated coworker and a devoted husband to his wife and kids by his friends and former coworkers.   Bristol...

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One way to stay safe this Valentine’s day is to carry items such as pepper spray.

Helpful tips for staying safe during Valentine’s week

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter February 17, 2023

Valentine’s Day week is upon us. A romantic time when some couples prefer going on dates to upscale restaurants or relaxing and unwinding at home while cuddling up to watch movies.   During this week of love and hope, as you prepare to go out with...

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A client looks through the assorted clothing for sale, at Vintage store located at 2727 N. Stanton St.

Thrift store bringing in a new wave of consumers

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter February 9, 2023

Thrifting, a developing and well-liked trend among today's younger demographic, allows shoppers to get clothes at low prices that have either been handed down or viewed as vintage. Since UTEP students and locals have easier access to stores like Uptown...

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The El Paso Walmart shooter, Patrick Crusius pleads guilty to the 2019 shooting. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Patrick Crusius death penalty decision has left a ray of emotions

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter February 6, 2023

Aug. 3, 2019, was a day marked by a tragedy in the borderland; when Patrick Crusius entered a Walmart on the east side shooting 23 people, wounding 23 more. The El Paso community, along with the relatives and friends of the victims, demanded justice on...

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Thelma White Camak played a significant role in the desegregation of Texas Western College in 1955. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

A revolution through desegregation: A look at Thelma White Camacks’ legacy

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter February 1, 2023

Thelma White Camack was a pioneer of her time and played a significant role in the desegregation of Texas Western College (TWC), now known as UTEP, in 1955. She opened the door for African American students to apply and be admitted to the university while...

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As the Spring semester began, the Get Involved Fair took place in the Union Breezeway and along Centennial Plaza to get students involved in activities and groups on campus.

Start the year fresh with getting involved around campus

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter January 24, 2023

Another semester has already begun at UTEP and they are kicking off the new semester with fun-filled activities and events for UTEP students to participate in. The semester kicked off with the annual Get Involved and Wellbeing Fair at the Union and Centennial...

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An immigrant from Haiti helps a woman climb concrete to cross the United States border seeking asylum.

Behind the faces at the Border

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter January 20, 2023

Within the past few months, the city of El Paso has been experiencing a significant migration influx. Historical numbers of migrants have crossed the southwest border with no place to go, generating a humanitarian crisis and a debate over border control...

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