Lending a Miner hand to student parents


Joel Molina

The University Learning Heights Academy is located at 315 W Schuster Ave.

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter

Hearing a screaming child, along with the occasional headache and emotionally draining days, is the life of a parent. However, for those parents, pursuing their education while caring for a young child can possibly be a bit more overwhelming due to the time commitment needed for college. UTEP has programs in place to help students with children to make sure they still earn their degrees.
The YWCA’s University Learning Heights Academy is one of the top daycare facilities for young children, conveniently located at 315 W. Schuster Ave. Its proximity to campus makes it easy to drop off and pick up children for the day if there is a need because of classes or if someone works for UTEP.
The academy closely simulates a preschool, is highly regarded institution according to the academy website as it is a Texas Rising Star 4-star rated academy and is only available to UTEP students, staff, and faculty. According to texasrisingstar.org, when being ranked the state looks for high teacher-child interactions, alongside teacher and director qualifications, indoor and outdoor enviroments and lastly program administration.
Anyone can easily register a child for the program at any time of the year or can stop by for the day if they prefer. It can be difficult for some parents to find a good, inexpensive daycare center for their children. Some daycare costs can occasionally exceed the amount of tuition, which can be challenging for single parents who may not have the financial means to pay for that level of care.
As expensive as college can be, no parent should worry about having enough money to care for their child while they are away pursuing their education. Heights Academy’s affordable hourly prices are aimed to guarantee parents who are enrolled in college and have children do not have to be concerned about those financial challenges.
A place filled with a comforting atmosphere and little children’s laughter in the background, the academy is well-staffed with highly qualified teachers and highly trained caregivers who nurture and care for every child who walks through those lovely doors.
Heights Academy also has more than 35 years of experience making any parent more comfortable with leaving their child in their care.
The main goal is to provide children with a positive educational experience through an experiential learning-based curriculum that focuses on communication, reading, problem-solving, math, and science. Hence, parents can relax knowing their child is getting the best preparation possible for kindergarten while out at UTEP pursuing their own degree.
Also, all children who are enrolled will receive a three-course meal and healthy snacks to keep them energized while they learn and explore.
Every child who enrolls in the academy is guaranteed to have a fun experience while learning, it also encourages the growth of the child’s social, emotional and physical skills. For many UTEP students taking on the challenge of balancing the busy parent life while maybe mixing in a daytime job along with a demanding schedule of earning a college degree can probably make the overall experience very overwhelming.
So, while out getting a degree, the academy is well-suited for taking care of children as it is a place filled with countless toys, colorful finger paintings that hang around the wall and occasional nap time with their stuffed animals, it truly is a loving environment for children.
If you are interested in enrolling your child prior to the semester starting, parents are asked to fill out the form on their website at utep.edu/student-affairs/early-learning-academy/ or parents are always welcome to stop by during the day prior to their classes starting.
Evening hours are also available to student parents as long as there is enough demand for it. Hours of operation are 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information call (915)519-0000.
Erik Acosta is staff reporter and may be reached at [email protected]