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The Prospector has been serving UTEP’s community since 1915. Winning numerous awards, both editorial and advertising, The Prospector is read regularly by UTEP students, staff and faculty. The Prospector covers on-campus and off-campus news, entertainment and sports events. We always strive to have the best newspaper possible.

Summer 2020 STAFF 

Michael Cuviello, Editor in Chief

Marisol Chávez, Web Editor

Paulina Spencer, Entertainment Editor

Margie Cataldi, Multimedia Editor/ Podcast Editor

Claudia P. Hernandez, Photo Editor

Isaiah Ramirez, Sports Editor

Anahy Diaz, Copy Editor

Teddy Baylon, Layout Editor/Cartoonist

Marie Salette Ontiveros, Photographer

Hugo Hinojosa, Photographer

Heriberto Perez, Sports Reporter

Victoria Almaguer, Contributor/Writer

Sasha Minjarez, Contributor/Writer

Exodis Ward, Contributor/Writer

Daniel Alec Lopez, Contributor/Podcast

Sven Zackey-Kline, Contributor/Writer





















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