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The southern United States-Mexico border has experienced a large influx of migrants seeking refuge in El Paso and Annunciation House helps relieve border tension concerns by taking in immigrants and offering them a safe space.

El Paso Annunciation House fights to save its historic history

Alyda Muela, Contributor/Writer March 20, 2024

District Judge Francisco Dominguez has ruled against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in his ongoing legal battle with an El Paso nonprofit that helps migrants.   Paxton is seeking to shut down the non-profit Annunciation House, a faith-based nonprofit...

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The 5th Circuit will hold another hearing on April 13, seeking to hear any more arguments regarding Senate Bill 4. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

The fate of Senate Bill 4 continues to remain unknown

Erik Acosta, Editor-in-Chief March 19, 2024

Editor’s Note: More updates on Senate Bill 4 will be provided in this article as more updates happen. Update: March 20, 2024 Late Tuesday night, hours after The U.S Supreme Court allowed for Texas to enforce Senate Bill 4, an appeals court requested...

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In 2022, San Antonio experienced a similar deadly wildfire. Wildfires are a common threat in Texas, causing devastation of homes, cattle, land, and more. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

The devastating effects of the wildfires in the Texas panhandle

Esteban Corona, Staff Reporter March 14, 2024

Destroyed homes, downed power lines, a wasteland of ash and lost livestock is the aftermath left by one of the largest wildfires in Texas history, that has torn through towns and counties in the panhandle of Texas. It has torn through towns and forced...

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Republican legislators in Texas have created House Bill 2127 which aims at providing regulatory consistency across the entire state, making it harder for blue cities to pass new progressive policies that could contradict state laws.

Death Star Law: An end of progressive policies in Texas

Ruth Urquiza, Contributor/Reporter August 31, 2023

As citizens of Texas inch closer to Sept. 1, they can also look forward to possibly the greatest transfer of power away from the public in some of the biggest cities. This action has been infamously named, “The Death Star Law.”   So, what does...

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State Rep. Rhetta Bowers filed for House Bill 567 to help stop public discrimination regarding certain hairstyles such as braids, deadlocks, or twists in schools and workplaces. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

A bright future for the Texas CROWN Act

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter April 18, 2023

Texas could soon welcome a new bill with the help of state Rep. Rhetta Bowers after the Texas Senate drafted a proposal known as House Bill 567 which would prohibit race-based hair discrimination at schools and workplaces.   House Bill 567 is a proposal...

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Drag has given Gagaboy a voice and has been an outlet in their life.

New Senate Bills threatens the drag community

Avery Escamilla-Wendell, Staff Reporter April 11, 2023

Fashion, makeup and talent with a dramatic twist may be taken away with new legislation against the drag community. Additional legislation may take away health insurance coverage and create lawsuits against gender-transitioning care that affects many...

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According to a statement by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, 30 priority bills are meant to be heard at the next legislative session later this year, including S.B. 16, 17, and 18 which restricts efforts of educators teaching Critical Race Theory in colleges across Texas, ban diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring policies and end tenure in public universities. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Critical Race Theory could just be a theory in Texas Universities

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter April 4, 2023

Sitting in a classroom learning about how laws and social movements can be shaped by social conceptions of race and ethnicity is a subject known as Critical Race Theory. This discipline can transform a student’s knowledge and learning, but a new Senate...

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With House Bill 1006 eliminating “diversity, equity and inclusion” in offices across all public colleges and universities in the state, Governor. Greg Abbott’s office warned earlier this month that state agencies hiring based off inclusion is illegal. Photo courtesy of Larry D. Moore/ Wikipedia Commons

Diversity-based hiring in Texas could be illegal

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter March 3, 2023

Some people say it is refreshing to feel like their workplace is diverse and inclusive, it shows how their employer and hiring team care about creating an environment where everyone has equal access to opportunities. Yet, this hiring process may be illegal...

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