A fresh perspective on Greek life


Jasmin Campoya

Sororities offered at UTEP include Apha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Alpha Xi Delta, Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority, Inc., Zeta Tau Alpha and fraternities include Alpha Kappa Lamda, Alpha Sigma Phi, Lamda Chi Alpha, and Phi Delta Theta.

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter

Chanting and laughing alongside brothers and sisters at meetings and wearing letters while out on the lawn on a sunny day at Centennial Plaza when tabling with friends, among other fun activities, is what some describe Greek life as. However, this is only the surface level of what Greek life has to offer at UTEP.
Entering college for the first time can be a nerve-wracking and overwhelming experience for some students. Trying to find a sense of community or belonging is something most incoming students navigate through.
Joining Greek life can help ease that transition as members are students who share the same familiar experiences as everyone else and anyone can join.
The fraternity and sorority coordinator at UTEP, Anthony Vincent, considers this aspect is what makes Greek life so unique for him.
“I think what makes our organization so special is the fact that it is made up of UTEP Miners, made up of students who are learning, growing and going through this collegiate experience at the exact time as everybody else,” Vincent said. “That’s one of the general overall arching pieces that really makes our community unique.”
Any student interested has a wide selection of organizations to choose from as there are 12 organizations on campus, each unique from the rest. Even students who want to join a group based on their culture can do so since they offer culturally based organizations.
“We do have Latinx based organizations, organizations that have shifted to a multicultural lens as well as historically Black Greek letter organizations,” Vincent said. “All of our organizations have shifted from serving a specific culture when they first founded their organization to being able to serve multiple identities on campus.”
Participating in these organizations helps students develop into well-rounded leaders. Apart from attending chapter meetings or participating in fun events, these organizations go beyond that level, especially in terms of socialization, which is why some people say it is important to get involved in a fraternity or sorority.
Associate Director for Student Organizations, Mallory Payan, thinks one of the benefits and why students join these organizations is because they get that sense of belonging and community.
“Our students are really just looking for; ‘How do I find a home or a group of people that I can relate to and that are going to make me better and that I can connect with?’” Payan said. “I really think that does help students challenge each other, support each other academically and it builds the leadership and academics and overall, just helps them build their place on campus.”
Having supportive peers and networking with well-rounded individuals helps students get the most out of their Greek life and college campus experience.
While Greek life may feature some exciting activities and the occasional hangouts, there is more to it, especially when it comes to social networking as they are there to help find internships, locate resources on campus and help members navigate through college.
“College is such a special time in student’s lives, they go through so much change and growth and it’s having those people around you that are going to help you navigate that change and growth,” Payan said. “Thats what it really is and that’s what sorority and fraternity life can be but sometimes we can get wrapped up from the meetings and what you see on the outside.”
While it does cost money, some claim joining a fraternity or sorority is an investment because individuals who do so are investing in their future as it turns them into well-rounded leaders.
It teaches individuals at UTEP how to manage an organization, interact with others and create bonds with coworkers, staff and even faculty.
So, when classes are back in session, look around and interact with these organizations.
All students are welcome to participate in Greek life and they offer many chances for people to get to know them through events like the Get Involved Fair, Meet the Greeks and a variety of other activities can enrich a student’s life.
Erik Acosta is staff reporter and may be reached at [email protected]