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Sofia Sierra

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter

Sofia is a junior studying multimedia journalism with a minor in creative writing. She is a staff reporter at The Prospector. After graduation, she hopes to work outside of El Paso to continue to grow as a writer.

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UTEP’s Black Student Union, goal is to educate and celebrate African American culture.

Black Student Union makes UTEP feel like home

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter February 22, 2024

Moving to El Paso to attend UTEP can be a culture shock to many students. With a majority Hispanic population, some students of different ethnicities can have trouble settling in. However, there are many organizations that can help them feel at home,...

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A ring held with a promise.

Impress your boo with something to do for Valentines

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter February 15, 2024

Struggling to find a place to take a date on this Valentine’s Day? UTEP students shared where their go-to spots are. From restaurants to horse-back riding, there are plenty of different options that accomplish having a fun time with a significant other.  Getting...

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Along with cardio, eating fruits such as blueberries, cranberries and strawberries can help promote heart health and help with cholesterol.

Running towards a healthy heart

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter February 13, 2024

While the heart may be filled with love, it can also be filled with cholesterol. The El Paso County Public Health reported in 2021, heart diseases were the leading cause of death, with 1,372 lives lost. Not only are heart diseases a prominent issue in...

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In order to qualify for the paydirt program, you must be a Texas resident and have completed a FASFA by March 15.

UTEP continues to prove they are one of the most affordable colleges in Texas

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter February 7, 2024

UTEP’s Paydirt Promise Program hopes to calm students’ worries of not being able to afford college. UTEP says they are committed to staying true to their mission statement of, “Make exceptional, affordable education accessible to anyone with the...

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Dallas Cowboys fans are one of the many sports teams fans that experience the disappointment of their team going home after a playoff loss.

When football teams crash, jerseys are trashed

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter February 2, 2024

A team loss is always disheartening for football fans. As the 2023-24 NFL season will soon come to an end, many teams took tough losses that prevented them from reaching Super Bowl LVIII. Although fans of the Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, Detroit...

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Puff, puff, pass...on vaping

Puff, puff, pass…on vaping

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter February 1, 2024

It may be hard to believe that root-beer, bubble gum, banana, etc. are harming people under 21. At first it may seem harmless, but these are the most common vape flavors that are being sold to minors.    Nicotine is a stimulant that triggers adrenaline,...

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Aneley Queen, a book full of heads; a necessity when you’re an English major.

Whether near or far, writers adore El Paso

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter January 23, 2024

Talent continues to flow from El Paso, allowing people to become as big of a star as the one on Franklin Mountains. From this collection of stars are several writers. Whether they were born here, or recently moved to El Paso, the city has had a tremendous...

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Filling his basket, Nicholas Sanchez preps for the big Super Bowl weekend with eagerness and excitement.  

Unpredictable as El Paso weather: The NFL Playoffs

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter January 19, 2024

Beginning in September of last year, the National Football League broadcasted the fierce competition between teams trying to lock in their position for Super Bowl LVIII. The 2024 NFL season has given 32 teams a chance to either shine or wither. With the...

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Initially becoming available on Dec. 31, the 2024 FASFA form has been met with many issues.

A ‘simpler’ FAFSA

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter January 18, 2024

Families across the border are filling out their 2024-2025 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form for their upcoming semesters of college.   Families say numerous bills accumulate quickly from school, like books, transportation, tuition,...

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A new representative for District 2 in El Paso will be selected on Jan. 20.

District 2 Runoff Election: What you need to know

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter January 17, 2024

Citizens who live in Central El Paso known as District 2, will soon have a new representative. District 2 Rep. Alexsandra Annello resigned to run for Texas House District 77, opening the door for another hopeful candidate. Veronica Carbajal and Joshua...

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“Esfera Cuántica Tlahtolli” in front of Fox Fine Arts.

UTEP Fox Fine Arts Building woes

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter January 16, 2024

One of the most recognizable buildings on UTEP campus, the Fox Fine Arts building, home to many fine arts students. The building, famous for its frequent concerts, has been facing cosmetic problems created by a water leak. While this does not pose a health...

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Students who live on campus have all expenses from housing included in their tuition.

Where accessibility and affordability meet: UTEP housing

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter December 7, 2023

Some people say a place to call home is an essential part of pursuing an education. One’s definition of home may be a comfortable bed, a place to decompress, or a place to gather with the people closest to them. Whatever it may be, home can contribute...

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Guard Zid Powell attempts to shoot a scoring basket.

UTEP Men’s basketball starts the season 3-0 after a win against UCSB

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter December 1, 2023

Editor’s Note: This recap is not the most recent game for the UTEP Miners Men’s Basketball. With the UTEP Miners 2023 basketball season underway, the Don Haskins Stadium has been lively due to the crowd’s energy. Filled with silence…’The...

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Miner Dash is one of the annual events UTEP hosts during homecoming week which wrapped up Nov. 4.

Hoco: Miss the season

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter November 9, 2023

As the weather gets colder, campus spirit warms the hearts of students. Homecoming week has brought events that gave students and alumni the opportunity to show their UTEP pride.   Celebrations were in full effect this year, to revamp the campus...

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Social media is being used as a “news station” for issues such as the Israel and Palestine conflict. Photo courtesy of Ted Eytan

Are we watching the world diminish from our phone screens?

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter November 6, 2023

Social media is often looked as the microphone to voice opinions. Currently, apps are drowning with raw footage of wars, protests, etc. exposing the harsh reality of the world. At times, the overwhelming amount of vicious news can sometimes discourage...

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Running Back Torrance Burgess Jr. runs across the field after catching the ball.

UTEP homecoming spirit keeps energy high in loss against the WKU Hilltoppers

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter November 5, 2023

Events, tailgates and pep rallies hyped up UTEP’s homecoming game against West Kentucky University (WKU) Hilltoppers (5-4). Unfortunately for the Miners, this game handed the team a loss, slimming the chance to participate in a post season bowl game.  First...

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The UTEP Miners won 37-34 against Sam Houston in Huntsville, Texas Wednesday, Oct. 25. Photo courtesy of UTEP Athletics

Victory far from home: UTEP takes win against SHU

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter November 5, 2023

Editor’s note: This sports brief was written prior to Saturday's loss to Western Kentucky University.  The UTEP football team (3-6, 2-3 C-USA) edged out the Sam Houston University Bearkats (SHU) (0-8, 0-5 C-USA) on the road Wednesday, Oct. 25. Facing...

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UTEP’s homecoming theme will be neon which will be incorporated in their upcoming events such as the “Glow with the Flow” art contest which will be happening Oct. 9. Photo courtesy of the Prospector archive

Celebrate homecoming week with a neon-bright smile

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter October 12, 2023

As homecoming nears, UTEP finds itself preparing to illuminate the campus with glowing spirit as they prepare to welcome back alumni, Golden Graduates and kick off the celebration during the week of Oct. 29, –Nov. 4, Neon-themed traditions and events...

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(From left to right) Malvina Muñoz, Alani Del La Cruz, and Victoria Muñoz dance to the song “La Llorona” at REL Washington Elementary School.

The flourishing tradition: Baile Folklórico

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter October 12, 2023

Like a butterfly in flight, the fluttering movement of a folklórico dress gives enchanting performances for one to remember. In addition to the music, folklórico performances are admired by people of all ethnicities. The fusion of both Mexican and American...

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[Video] ‘But Here We Are:’ Foo Fighters in awe of El Paso

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter October 11, 2023

The strum of a guitar can open a gate full of memories to come flooding back. To many, the Foo Fighters have brought unforgettable experiences since the ‘90s, creating a sense of nostalgia today. So when they arrived to the Suncity to play at the Don...

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Dr. El-Gendy teaching and explaining the nature of his magnetic experiment to his students.

A look inside UTEP physicists’ groundbreaking discoveries

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter September 27, 2023

Computers, magnets, and quantum physics. Some may wonder how these three topics relate. Until most recently, the three were combined by UTEP physicists who reported the creation of a new magnet that works more efficiently than quantum computing.  This...

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1.08billion monthly users open up TikTok to this screen.

Risk it or Rec it: Possible scam to millions

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter September 21, 2023

Littered on social media are a variety of different shopping apps. Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. have been infiltrated by major discounted, Amazon-like apps such as Temu, Wish, Shien and now Tik Tok Shop. “30%-99% off entire store,” “Free Shipping...

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The El Paso Roller Derby comes together to pose for a photo.

El Paso Roller Derby’s fierce sport brings a community together

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter September 14, 2023

Though stress from a sport outweighs the enjoyment, players of the El Paso Roller Derby Team (EPRD) let the good times roll. Although the sport is fierce, players have found a family within the team. One of the redeeming qualities of the EPRD family is...

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UTEP football players headed back to the sidelines mid celebration after scoring a touchdown.

Football finds ‘Miner Magic’ in win over Incarnate Word Cardinals

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter September 4, 2023

“Miner Magic” ignited a throwback spirit throughout the Sun Bowl Stadium Saturday night. As the Miners looked to embody the unstoppable 1988 era for UTEP football, the team’s optimism allowed them to win the first home game of the season. To...

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UTEP’s risk of accreditation loss has been revealed to be caused by a ‘clerical’ error.

Will UTEP keep its accreditation?

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter August 29, 2023

An ominous cloud shadows the reputation of UTEP as it recently became at risk of losing its accreditation. Thousands of students await the unknown, as the degree they are working hard for could lose its validation. University officials referred to the...

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As the fall semester is nearing, students should research and take advantage of companies such as Allstate, Door Dash, Apple, Converse, Penske, and many others that can help save money.

‘Back to School’ season ending the summer with a splash

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter August 11, 2023

The summer fantasy ends for elementary students once they see the ‘Back to School’ signs. In their eyes, pool days, eating ice cream for lunch, and sleeping whenever is stripped away once these signs appear in stores.   While it fills younger...

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The new football gloves display Paydirt Pete.

Not a checkmark in sight

Sofia Sierra, Contributor July 27, 2023

Optimal gear is required for an optimal game. An athlete’s gear is arguably one deciding factor on whether they will perform well in a game. The versatility of sportswear allows different sports to indulge in the products these brands have to offer....

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Held every third Sunday of the month from April to November, is the San Elizario Art Market where many recognized painters can display their work. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

San Elizario Art Market: A deep dive into an ocean of artists

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter July 21, 2023

While it was credited as the ‘Best Historic Small Town’ by USA Today readers, many seem to overlook San Elizario, Texas. Passing Main Street, visitors can learn about history dating back to the 1500s through Los Portales Museum and the Old County...

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The El Paso Chihuahua’s scored a win against the Las Vegas Aviator’s July 5.  Photo courtesy of Ken Lund/ Wikipedia Commons

Take me out to the ball game: Chihuahuas vs Aviators

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter July 12, 2023

The atmosphere of a baseball game is desired by many in this triple-degree weather. Refreshing lemonade and popcorn can be enjoyed by families at Southwest University Park. The energetic Andy Imfeld often raises spirits throughout the innings, playing...

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The Museum is located on 1521 San Elizario Rd, San Elizario, TX and is open Tuesday through Sunday.

Los Portales Museum & Information Center: The hidden historical gem

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter July 7, 2023

History books often praise El Paso and surrounding areas for the historical impact they had dating back to the 1500’s. Unfortunately, even with this significance, few residents know how much their city has impacted history. Los Portales Museum &...

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