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Assayer of Student Opinion.

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David Sanchez is a training and development consultant in human resources at UTEP.

UTEP staff member makes impact in human resources

Kristen Scheaffer, Contributor November 30, 2022

David Sanchez, Training and Development Consultant in Human Resources at the University of Texas at El Paso, has been holding workshops on emotional intelligence and building stronger interpersonal relationships.  An El Paso native, Sanchez, got his...

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Nursing student David Moreno is ready to serve in the workforce and pursue a career in the medical field.

UTEP graduate is a hero in the making

Alyson Rodriguez, Staff Reporter November 29, 2022

UTEP nursing student David Moreno is one of the many students graduating during this fall commencement. Moreno is ready to serve in the workforce and pursue a career of serving his community, which he already has extensive experience in doing.   Moreno...

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UTEP student graduating this December, speaks on the best advice he was given by one of his professors and helped him get through his college career.

Grads recall the best words of advice from professors

Josie Avila, Audience & Engagement Editor November 29, 2022

Seniors are preparing to say goodbye to the University of Texas at El Paso at the upcoming commencement. This moment can be bittersweet for students as many leave close friends behind, student organizations or their on-campus job.  However, many graduates...

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Taylor Swift fans were angered after Ticketmaster had fans waiting in line for hours, experienced site crashes, and multiple card charges. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Ticketmaster vs. Swift fans

Meagan Elizabeth García, Arts & Culture Editor November 29, 2022

When it comes to artists and the concerts they host across the globe, there is no one more dedicated to ticket-buying than fans. However, this whole process can be ruined by those that sell tickets based on unfair and unmonitored sales.  Ticketmaster...

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Many students face a lot of pressure as they near graduation and some even drop out before finishing due to this stress.

The unknown pressures from your parent

Itzel Giron, Multimedia Editor November 29, 2022

Graduation comes with all variations of pressures, however, one pressure can at times be overbearing; having parents who have received their college degree before you have received yours. It can be a pressure that can either push or break students when...

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 The class ring is one of many ways to commemorate high school and college graduations and is a tradition that has been a part of the history of the U.S. for many years.

Showing class pride with a class ring

Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter November 29, 2022

From high school to college graduations, there are plenty of ways for graduates to keep memories or souvenirs from their times at school. One way is by buying a class ring, which can be customized with symbols or achievements that tell you and other people...

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 UTEP students can visit the University Career Center to receive help with resume reviews, job search assistance, interview coaching, on-campus and virtual mock interviews, career closet, and employer contacts.

Preparing grads for a competitive field

Eduardo Flores, Contributor November 29, 2022

Many students have questioned at one point in their lives what will happen after receiving their diploma and walking the stage.   The University of Texas at El Paso has maintained the goal of helping every student succeed and prepare them for their...

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Chavez plans on going to Paul L. Foster School of Medicine to achieve
her goals of becoming a physician and a neurologist.

UTEP grad stems into the field

Annabella Mireles, Photo Editor November 29, 2022

According to the scholarly article “Running out of STEM,” there has been a high rate at which students in the science, technology, engineering and math departments drop out.  However, students like biochemistry major Stephanie Chavez are going against...

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According to the Gun Violence Archive, more than 616 mass shootings have been recorded this year and a survey conducted by Gallup showed a decrease in wanting stricter gun laws from 66 percent in June. Photo courtesy of Subhash Roy/flickr

Gun control pressure

Victoria Rivas, Contributor November 28, 2022

Weeks after the midterm elections, national concern and discussions for gun reform have risen after multiple shootings have occurred across the country.   Two days before Thanksgiving, Tuesday, Nov. 22, six people were killed and six were injured after...

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David Gamez, Vice President of the Google Developer Student Club at UTEP, and Arley Silva pose after being interviewed.

UTEP students learn skills at Google Workshop

Alyson Rodriguez, Staff Reporter November 28, 2022

UTEP students got to experience and learn alongside Googlers at the first UTEP + HOLA@Cloud Google Cloud Hero event. The event was hosted by the new student organization, Google Developer Student Club,  from 10 a.m. to 2 pm., Nov. 18 at the El Paso Natural...

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The Spirit of Giving event is happening at Cielo Vista Mall, Sunland Park Mall, and the Alamo Drafhouse.

Christmas throughout the world

Eduardo Flores, Contributor November 15, 2022

Holidays are a great way to introduce ourselves to a foreign cultural experience. Christmas is one of the most popular traditions families across the world celebrate. Christmas is both a religious and a cultural holiday that commemorates the birth...

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Art history professor Anne Perry says she agrees with the notion of protests and supports the cause towards global warming but disagrees with them using art as the medium to do so.

Art historian reacts to the attacks on art museums

Maria L. Guerrero Duran, Web Editor November 15, 2022

Editor’s note: This is the second of a three-part series on the reasoning and the impact of climate change protests through attacks on art.  News has spread around the world regarding a series of attacks on several invaluable art pieces by the Just...

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