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Eugenio Cantu

Eugenio Cantu, Guest Contributor

Eugenio Cantu is currently majoring in digital media production with a minor on film. He is a video game and movie aficionado, he loves writing and aspires to be a novelist.

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Prints of repurposed currency by artist Vlocke Negro is shown in the gallery, Negro is a Mexican street artist whose work can be found through the streets of Mexico City.

Grafica Libre: The art of change

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor/Reporter September 14, 2023

There is no magnetic force stronger than passion; a small action can attract boundless talent from any corner of the world, and “Grafica Libre” has attracted a passion for change. The exhibition is a collaborative work from over 40 international,...

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With UTEP almost celebrating its 110th anniversary, many changes to the university remain ongoing.

Time waits for no one, not even our campus

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor/Reporter September 13, 2023

It takes years for a building to be surveyed, planned, constructed and finished. By the second day of inauguration, paint is falling out, roofs are leaking, and the architecture is now featured in several museums.   As UTEP almost celebrates its...

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Texas Western Gold Rush

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor/Reporter September 8, 2023

The dust settles, the lights fade out, but only the miner spirit remains. Texas Western Gold Rush (TWGR) has kicked off Miner Welcome, UTEP’s yearly traditions to involve students into the blue and orange university. Most importantly, it is the first...

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The “Levantamiento” exhibit talks about the controversial rise and fall of historical monuments and was made by Guatemalan artist Jessica Kairé.

Levantamiento exhibits our greatest strengths

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor/Reporter September 7, 2023

On the hills of the UTEP campus, the university has crowned the mountains with a collection of evocative art exhibits. “Levantamiento,” and “La Frontera” are part of the Rubin Center’s fall catalog, a collection created by Latin American artists....

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Events such as Minerpalooza will kick off the semester to get Miners excited about getting involved. Photo courtesy of The Prospector archive

Get involved, get a head start

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor/Reporter September 4, 2023

Starting college can be intimidating, especially after leaving home and officially starting a life of independence. Until now, high school was all you have known, so sorting your new college life can be stressful.  Thankfully, the greatest advice...

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According to El Paso Matters, July 22 marked the end of the 38 consecutive days of heat over 100 degrees. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Scorched Earth: Here’s what you need to know

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor/Reporter July 28, 2023

It is not often that going outside gives us a glimpse into the final moments of a Thanksgiving turkey, but the city of El Paso has experienced over 40 consecutive days of triple digit heat. Shattering not only the record for most consecutive days of heat,...

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Stacks of books on a bookshelf at The Chamizal Community Center and Library July 1

Summertime pastime in the library

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor/Reporter July 12, 2023

Summer is upon us and schools are out. With the shining skies and clear weather, it is a perfect time to go out on vacation. For those who are between trips or unable to leave the city, the El Paso library system offers a vast variety of activities to...

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Hot v. Cold: Which is better?

Hot v. Cold: Which is better?

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor/Reporter July 6, 2023

It will soon be two weeks since we have entered summer, and the temperatures have not been shied to let us know. Hitting triple digit temperatures almost every day of the week, with rare clouds coming to only mildly dampen heat. For the winter enjoyers,...

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North Carolina NBA star Ja Morant has been suspended for the next 25 games for the 23-24 season following the verdict by the NBA commissioner. Photo courtesy of Katie Dugan/Wikipedia Commons

The responsibility to bear arms

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor/Reporter June 30, 2023

The cost of fame and fortune is a responsibility and in the age of social media it is easier than ever to expose your lack of it. Memphis Grizzlies NBA star Ja Morant has made a streak of reckless acts that continues to display this lack of integrity,...

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New York City experienced some of the worst levels of air pollution due to the smoke from Canada’s wildfires spreading.

Nature’s warning light

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor/Reporter June 23, 2023

Whenever our bodies need fixing, we feel pain; whenever our car needs fixing, it lights up the dashboard. But what happens when our planet needs to be fixed? June 6 was when we got one answer; the skies of New York City were set ablaze from the neighboring...

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On June 15th, the soccer semifinals nations men’s league for the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) was played.

USA vs. Mexico: A Red Card for Conduct

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor/Reporter June 23, 2023

On June 15th, the soccer semifinals nations men’s league for the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) was played. Mexico against its all-time rival, USA was set to play in the Allegiant Stadium located...

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El Paso Hockey Associate might be demolished to expand the port of entry.

A possible frozen oasis

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor May 3, 2023

Although the prospect of an ice rink in the middle of a desert city might seem a little strange, the El Paso Hockey Association is one of the city’s biggest sports. They are composed of our home team, the El Paso Rhinos, which compete in NAHL (North...

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Governor Abbott appointed District Attorney Bill Hicks to replace Rosales which came into effect Dec. 14, 2022. Photo courtesy of KVIA

Changing gears with the new D.A. Bill Hicks

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor April 18, 2023

December 2022, marked when former District Attorney Yvonne Rosales resigned from office, leaving before her term naturally concluded. Her term was plagued with controversial cases, including the Walmart shooting case and other cases.   According to...

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The EA (Electronic Arts) has required rights for the National Football League, National Hockey League, Formula One, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and the Professional Golf Assocation. Photo courtesy of John Seb Barber/ Wikipedia Commons

Greed over quality: The decline of sports games

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor April 13, 2023

I am old enough to remember the sixth generation of gaming. The PlayStation 2, Original Xbox and Game Cube dominated the market with split screen controls and great titles such as Medal of Honor, Mario Sunshine and Halo 2. It is strange to imagine a gaming...

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Isabella Molina is inspired by her fashion style through her family and friends.

We can be both: Chicano fashion through the years.

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor April 11, 2023

Latinos, Cholos, Hispanic, Chicanos; they have been called every name, but they always stand out in their words, in their hard work and in their fashion. New York, Chicago and the Midwest have their pot with European immigration from Italy, Germany, the...

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The University of Texas at El Paso is America’s leading Hispanic-serving university.

A piece of the sky: The best of UTEP

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor April 2, 2023

From its humble beginnings as a small college of mines, to one of the largest universities in the state of Texas. UTEP is a culturally diverse campus that offers some of the best opportunities for the bold students that search for them. Newcomers to...

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El Paso Community College’s Valle Verde campus has created Project HIGHER for their Center of Students with Disabilities to help bring access to tutoring, coaching, advising, and materials.

Striking a ‘HIGHER’ goal

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor March 1, 2023

The path to success is paved with hard work and big dreams and it is also a path that is very different for everyone where people need great mentors to guide them every step of the way. El Paso Community College (EPCC) has successfully created another...

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Kick social brings snook ball, a combination of pool and soccer where players must eliminate their balls from the table.

Kick Social: a Kickstart of passion

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor February 22, 2023

If you have ever been out with your friends, gone out with your family, or are trying to find the perfect place for a date, then you may stop by Kick Social at 800 Montana Ave., to find a fun twist on conventional bar games that allow for unforgettable...

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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprise their roles of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from the show “Breaking Bad” to advertise the snack PopCorners. Photo courtesy of Watch Mojo

Halftime time-out: a mix of commercials

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor February 14, 2023

This past Sunday, Feb. 12, was the biggest game in the National Football League’s (NFL’s) season, with the Kansas City Chiefs taking the victory. The Super Bowl has become almost a national holiday and an international phenomenon, enjoyed by over...

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