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Hot v. Cold: Which is better?


It will soon be two weeks since we have entered summer, and the temperatures have not been shied to let us know. Hitting triple digit temperatures almost every day of the week, with rare clouds coming to only mildly dampen heat. For the winter enjoyers, me included, it has left us no choice but to cower back into our homes or jobs to blast the air conditioner and wait for the season to burn over. However, it does spark the age-old argument about the preference for each season, so let’s look at the benefits of each, in our city of El Paso.  

We are not called Sun City for nothing, and the sparkling temperatures start to rack up by the end of May. Unfortunately, high velocity winds, and dust storms come along with it. During the transitioning months from spring to summer, winds can average 21 mph, making driving and walking unnecessarily difficult. The wind itself feels like hot lead as it is heated up by the scorching sun. During summer itself, the standard dry humidity paired with the rising sun, make for exhausting days. The intense heat makes it difficult to do things, as it slowly becomes unbearable to stay in your car and drive around. Especially for a border city, crossing the border or laying in traffic are near death sentences.  

Still, during this season, the city becomes more active at night. Since the daylight savings time changes, the sun fades at nearly 9pm. So, if you are a night owl, you will not enjoy the short night and very hot days.  

I am always genuinely impressed by the people who can enjoy this season, as it is a trail of patience and determination, to willingly go out and enjoy their time. I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity either, but it does make you second guess after cooling off inside any building.  

In the fun seasons, the fall and winter, the temperatures will always be tolerable. Unlike the heat, the cold can be removed with a simple addition of clothes. El Paso rarely gets extremely icy weather, so your car is less impacted, and your gas does not dry out; additionally, getting into your car doesn’t feel like climbing into your oven. Unfortunately, the wind does leave in any season, so make sure to wear wind breakers as part of your attire.  

Speaking of attire and looks, there is no winter body to work for. It is a season of pure joy and hibernation. Food consumption is incentivized, and your clothes can cover up your broken promises.  

In all honesty, whatever side you enjoy of the temperature slide, El Paso and its lovely citizens are always active and ready to provide what you need. Although Sun City is appropriate for the weather, I find it true for its people as they light up any situation into something better. Whether you prefer the summer or the clearly better winter, you can always enjoy the argument in the city that should have been called the Wind City.  

Eugenio Cantu is a contributor and may be reached at [email protected]. 

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About the Contributor
Eugenio Cantu, Guest Contributor
Eugenio Cantu is currently majoring in digital media production with a minor on film. He is a video game and movie aficionado, he loves writing and aspires to be a novelist.
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