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The Prospector

Assayer of Student Opinion.

The Prospector

Assayer of Student Opinion.

The Prospector

Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke and Republican candidate Greg Abbott prepare for election day Nov. 8. (Left) Annabella Mireles/Prospector file photo (Right) courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Head to head: Future Texas governor

Itzel Giron, Multimedia Editor October 4, 2022

The Texas gubernatorial election is set to take place Nov. 8. With the voter registration deadline approaching Oct. 11, it is important that everyone knows both candidates and what they stand for. It is expected to be a tight race against incumbent Greg...

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Early voting will take place Monday, Oct. 24 through Friday, Nov. 4. Residents can go to any election site to vote. Photo courtesy of andysternberg/Openverse.

A student’s how-to guide for voting

Kristen Scheaffer, Contributor October 4, 2022

As November draws closer, so does election time and with a publicized race this year, some may be overwhelmed by how to vote. Election Day is scheduled for Nov. 8.    The seat that has been in the news is for Texas state governor. However, there...

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A protestor lies down on the ground during a Black Lives Matter protest May 31, 2020.

Texas politics and its future

Victoria Rivas, Contributor October 4, 2022

Midterm elections are around the corner and the future of Texas politics lies in the hands of citizens with the right and power to elect candidates who speak to their needs and political views.    Texas voters will not vote for U.S. senators or the...

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Campus organizer Carla Palacios speaks to reporter Alyson Rodriguez and informs her on why students on campus should join Texas Rising, an on-campus organization that seeks to empower young adults to get involved in politics Sept. 29.

Texas Rising gets students involved in politics

Alyson Rodriguez, Staff Reporter October 4, 2022

As election season begins to creep up, it is important for UTEP students to know what is going on in their government both locally and nationally, especially since young people make up the majority of the demographic of voters.   A great organization...

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The Sistine Chapel makes it to Sunland Park Mall

Meagan Elizabeth García, Arts & Culture Editor October 4, 2022

The city of El Paso is getting a new cultural kick with “Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition.” In this 90 minute experience, patrons get to experience Michelangelo’s famous work featured in the Sistine Chapel without having to go through...

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Vote here sign located in Orlando, Florida on Election Day 2008.  Photo courtesy of Erik (HASH) Hersman Wikipedia Commons.

What to expect on your ballot in midterm election

Josie Avila, Audience & Engagement Editor October 4, 2022

 In this year’s Texas midterm elections, races across federal, state, county, and local levels will be on the ballot depending on the voter’s location. The following information aims to break down the races specific to El Paso voters.   According...

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On Sept. 30, 1972, the Guadalupe Mountains National Park was authorized by congress, and this year their fiftieth anniversary is celebrated.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park celebrates golden anniversary

Alyson Rodriguez, Staff Reporter September 30, 2022

Extensive mountain ranges, canyons, and desert flora and fauna fill the west Texas landscape, where one of the most prehistoric and relevant national parks reside, Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The highest point in Texas, Guadalupe Peak, also calls...

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Javier Horacio Contreras, Ph.D., author of La Tiranía de los likes in an interview, Sept. 22.

Meeting the author behind ‘The Tyranny of Likes’

Josie Avila, Audience & Engagement Editor September 29, 2022

With social media access at our disposal 24/7, we can easily become unaware of the norm we live in as a society. Javier Horacio Contreras, Ph.D., speaks to this in his most recent book publication “La Tiranía de Los Likes (The Tyranny of Likes).”  Contreras...

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Attendees look upon and point out details of a piece on display as part of the Building the Borderlands exhibit.

See how civil engineers built the border at their new exhibit

Meagan Elizabeth García, Arts & Culture Editor September 29, 2022

Though many do not consider it throughout their day-to-day life, civil engineers have created the foundations on which our cities are built and continue to strengthen them so that our communities run safely and smoothly.   To honor 75 years of work...

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Photo courtesy of Apple.

Apple welcomes its new product generation

Eduardo Flores, Contributor September 29, 2022

Apple has introduced its latest product generation consisting of four phones, three new Apple Watch models, and an update to its popular AirPods product line.   iPhone 14 pre-order sales began Sept. 9 to help customers secure their orders for early...

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The Sunflower Bank has an art installation with El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation to recognize Pediatric Cancer Awareness month.

El Paso Children’s Hospital and Sunflower Bank collaborate using children’s art

Kristen Scheaffer, Contributor September 28, 2022

In recognition of Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, El Paso Children’s Hospital and Sunflower Bank have provided a space for an art installation. On display is the art of pediatric oncology patients, located at Sunflower Bank’s downtown location,...

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Helping communities one drop at a time

Helping communities one drop at a time

Alyson Rodriguez, Staff Reporter September 20, 2022

In recent years, the U.S. has had many water crises where low-income communities had unsafe drinking water. Some of the more well-known instances include the Flint Michigan water crisis in 2014.   UTEP Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Ivonne...

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