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The UTEP Centennial Time Capsule holds in event at the Union breezeway.

Centennial Time Capsule: a part of us in the future

Gianfranco Languasco, Contributor December 2, 2014

As the end of semester approaches, Student of the Centennial get ready for The Centennial Time Capsule Showcase to take place at 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 3 at the Centennial Museum. It all started in the classroom. A group of students in a communication class...

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End-of-the-year gadget releases

Gianfranco Languasco, Contributor November 18, 2014

Some things are worth waiting for. The year is almost over and all the gadgets that were rumored to be released will soon be on the market, finally. With just a couple of weeks until Black Friday, here are some of the top gadgets we all hope to get. Asus...

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Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is located at the Fountains of Farah Mall.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria: An old tradition at your table

Gianfranco Languasco, Contributor November 4, 2014

In an interview earlier this year, West Miller, a retail developer in charge of The Fountains at Farah, promised that El Paso will have its very first coal-fired pizza restaurant. A few months later it happened: Grimaldi’s is that famous pizzeria that...

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Halloween or Dia De los Muertos

Gianfranco Languasco, Contributor October 28, 2014

Culture shock is how sociologists define the feelings of surprise, confusion and disorientation that result from living in a foreign country. It happened to me in several aspects regarding food, entertainment or lifestyle. I have been living for more...

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“Footloose— The Musical” will have showings at the UTEP Dinner Theater until Nov. 9.

‘Footloose–The musical:’ Great parties never get old

Gianfranco Languasco, Contributor October 21, 2014

Two things can happen when you see someone so confident and energetic, willing to go as far as he can —and perhaps more—to defend what he believes in, even if this person was labeled at first as a troublemaker. The first thing that can happen is that...

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The UTEP Dinner Theater’s musical Footloose will open on Oct. 17 at 7 p.m.

A rebellion on the dance floor comes to the UDT

Gianfranco Languasco, Contributor October 14, 2014

It is 2014, but it also could be 1984. Still, everything is surprising again. The music is blasting, everybody just wants to dance, and even though they have to struggle to move accordingly; they do it with a smile– their hands, their feet, their hips....

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Chalk the Block will be held Oct. 10-12 in downtown El Paso.

Color is back on the streets

Gianfranco Languasco, Contributor October 7, 2014

An octopus will take over a building in downtown El Paso,  while people enjoy a luminous giant jellyfish marching down the street and others go through a silken fabric maze and get out to walk through colored glowing streets. This surrealistic scenario...

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“La Casa de Bernarda Alba” se presenta en  El Paso Playhouse localizada en 2501 N. Mesa, debido al mes de patrimonio hispano.

‘La Casa de Bernarda Alba,’ la represión y la rebeldía en la familia tradicional

Gianfranco Languasco, Contributor September 23, 2014

La casa de Bernarda Alba: la represión y la rebeldía en una familia tradicional De repente, estás en una vieja casa a principios del siglo 20, en un pequeño pueblo español. Luego del velorio de su esposo, Bernarda Alba, regresa a casa, previamente...

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