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Assayer of Student Opinion.

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Assayer of Student Opinion.

The Prospector

The UTEP School of Pharmacy, located 1101 N Campbell Street, is a fully accredited school of pharmacy.

UTEP School of Pharmacy holds largest white coat ceremony to date

H. Catching Marginot, Staff Reporter September 12, 2023

Entering the field of medicine and medicinal science is a challenging task, especially in a busy job climate. A world where it's essential to work hard and be committed to the work that drives you. It can be tedious, but UTEP's School of Pharmacy class...

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Students utilizing note taking through Glean app.

Glean: Independence and ease for students

Angelica Gutierrez, Contributor/Reporter September 7, 2023

The Center for Accommodations and Support Services (CASS) is always on the lookout for students' needs as a matter of academic excellence. Therefore, the Glean app is now part of their solutions catalog.   Note taking apps can provide several benefits...

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The Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus.

Nurses in El Paso hold picket line for patient care

H. Catching Marginot, Staff Reporter September 6, 2023

During the harsh cold month of January, more than 7,000 union nurses from the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) picked up their picket signs and engulfed the streets creating an explosive start to the New Year.   This was a combined effort...

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El Pasoans get on the streetcar at the Glory Road stop Aug. 30.

El Paso Streetcar extends its hours to serve college students

Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter September 6, 2023

In these first weeks of school, UTEP students have returned to practicing many back-to-school routines. One of those routines is waiting in a crowd to board the shuttle, which is as exciting as it sounds.   While the shuttle continues to be a mode...

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UTEP has been undergoing construction for the past few years, including construction on Schuster Ave. However, construction is expected to end in the Spring of 2024.

Ongoing campus construction: When will it end?

Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter September 5, 2023

Ongoing construction at UTEP has led to all kinds of reception from students and faculty alike. Big red signs scatter across campus as students walk straight to or around the construction to their classes. While some may be complaining or praising the...

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Timelycare is a digital companion to the Counseling Center for students going through mental health problems or those interested in trying therapy.  Photo courtesy of TimelyCare

New app expands mental health care for UTEP students

H. Catching Marginot, Staff Reporter September 1, 2023

If you are a new or returning student to the University of Texas at El Paso this fall, you know your schedule will be busy. Some students take as many as up to six classes while others hop right into their car to head off to work right after their last...

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Freshman beach volleyball player, Sophia Sheppard (pictured in the blue UTEP shirt) poses for a photo with her family before moving into Miner Village.

UTEP housing welcomes a variety of students

Emmanuel Rivas Valenzuela, Sports Editor August 31, 2023

This past weekend, UTEP Housing and Residence welcomed students from across the world into its three housing complexes. This includes Miner Village, Miner Canyon and Miner Heights.   One of those students was Sophia Sheppard, an incoming freshman...

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Republican legislators in Texas have created House Bill 2127 which aims at providing regulatory consistency across the entire state, making it harder for blue cities to pass new progressive policies that could contradict state laws.

Death Star Law: An end of progressive policies in Texas

Ruth Urquiza, Contributor/Reporter August 31, 2023

As citizens of Texas inch closer to Sept. 1, they can also look forward to possibly the greatest transfer of power away from the public in some of the biggest cities. This action has been infamously named, “The Death Star Law.”   So, what does...

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Maui has been devastated by wildfires which have killed at least 115 people and leaving over 1,100 others missing.

The islands on fire

Meagan Elizabeth García, Arts & Culture Editor August 29, 2023

The birds cannot chirp, the trees cannot breathe, and people cannot live on some of the islands of Hawaii as the state was devastated by flames earlier this month. The wildfires first started in the upcountry region of Maui, Aug. 8, and spread across...

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UTEP’s risk of accreditation loss has been revealed to be caused by a ‘clerical’ error.

Will UTEP keep its accreditation?

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter August 29, 2023

An ominous cloud shadows the reputation of UTEP as it recently became at risk of losing its accreditation. Thousands of students await the unknown, as the degree they are working hard for could lose its validation. University officials referred to the...

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Steeple of Kelly Center for Hunger Relief.

Pensamientos Y Platicas: Combating the mental health in the Hispanic community

Avery Escamilla-Wendell, Multimedia Editor July 31, 2023

Across the borderland the Hispanic communities are highly populated, however are not desired to receive mental health resources due to the negative beliefs. Pensaminetos Y Platicas is finding a way to end the stigma of receiving mental health treatment...

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Three independent designers sued Shein for stealing designs of their brands which is in violation of the Racketeer influenced and Corrupt Organizations for copyright infringement.

Fast fashion empire crippled by copyright infringement

Yoali Rodriguez, Contributor July 31, 2023

Popular fast fashion pioneer SHEIN has made a name for themselves in the fashion industry. From hosting fashion shows and pouring millions into influencer culture, they have recently run into hot water as the company was accused of violating the Racketeer...

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