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Assayer of Student Opinion.

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New relief going to an additional 125,000 student loan borrowers comes after an announcement Wednesday, Oct. 4, the federal student loan payments would restart after a three-plus-year hiatus.

Student loan repayments: What does this mean for everyone?

Katy Ruiz, Contributor/Reporter October 20, 2023

One of the many factors stopping many graduated students from settling down and returning their money to the economy, is student debt. The dream of having the opportunity to afford a forever home and raise a family just like their parents seems to be...

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Regalia is the type of graduation coat that students wear for their graduate commencement.

Make education personal with UTEP’s new personalized program

Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter October 19, 2023

Climbing the education ladder can be tough for some. After getting an undergraduate degree, refining studies or research in one field can also be stressful during graduate school. Well, UTEP has recently announced the arrival of a new program that allows...

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El Paso Museum of History exhibits Mexicanidad: Folkorizing a Nation 1921-1971 available at the second floor, Gallery D, through Feb. 24, 2024.

Mexicanidad: Folklorizing a nation

SalmaPaola Baca, Contributor/Photographer October 13, 2023

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the El Paso Museum of History, displays the crafts of indigenous artisans produced following the Mexican Revolution, which raged from 1910 to 1920 and gave rise to a powerful and evocative wave of art creations that...

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Xiomara Lara-Dupuy goes in depth about the background of her name.

Reclaiming their name and heritage

Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter October 13, 2023

Marixochitl Munoz Pratz remembers being in the doctor’s office when they called her last name instead of her full name. A moment she remembers vividly, sending flashbacks of people calling her “Mariachi” or “Marisol” and everything except her...

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Folklorico groups performed several dances during the Louisiana Tech football game Oct. 1.

Vibrant Traditions: Exploring Hispanic Heritage in the U.S.

Angelica Gutierrez, Contributor/Reporter October 12, 2023

From cultural celebrations and traditions to lifestyle and community, the Sun City is the epicenter of Hispanic culture. According to U.S. Census, 82.9 percent of the El Paso population is Hispanic. Which is why the city is well known for its Latino heritage.   Hispanic...

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UTEP’s homecoming theme will be neon which will be incorporated in their upcoming events such as the “Glow with the Flow” art contest which will be happening Oct. 9. Photo courtesy of the Prospector archive

Celebrate homecoming week with a neon-bright smile

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter October 12, 2023

As homecoming nears, UTEP finds itself preparing to illuminate the campus with glowing spirit as they prepare to welcome back alumni, Golden Graduates and kick off the celebration during the week of Oct. 29, –Nov. 4, Neon-themed traditions and events...

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The UTEP Marching Miners are lead on the field by this year’s Drum Majors Ramsey Perez (left), Cassandra Gil (center) and Alexa Andrade Fuentes (right).

Behind the beat of the Marching Miners’ success

Emmanuel Rivas Valenzuela, Sports Editor October 12, 2023

Although people come to the Sun Bowl on game days to watch the UTEP football team, it can be difficult to imagine the football experience without the spectacle put on by the Marching Miners.   The UTEP Marching Miners have become a staple, performing...

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Ana Gomez of La Mujer Obrera believes in the importance of cultural inspiration.

Café Mayapan feeds the community

Nicholas Maes, Staff Reporter October 12, 2023

Located in Central El Paso and being revered for serving as a center for celebrating Mexican heritage, Café Mayapan prides itself in being as authentic as possible. From the authenticity of the food, to the culture, to the acts of service, Café Mayapan...

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r“The Addams Family” took the stage at the UTEP Dinner Theater during the Fall of 2017. Photos by The Prospector Archive

UTEP says Farewell to Forty Years of Dinner Theater

Itzel Giron, Editor-in-Chief October 11, 2023

For the past 40 years, the UTEP Dinner Theater (UTD) has entertained audiences of all ages, having their shows range from many cult classics like ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ to Tony-Award winning musicals like ‘The Prom’. However, the stability...

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Chairez (left) says that she created her name with the help of her brother when creating a Myspace profile in middle school.

A collaboration of queer and Latinx beauty

Erik Acosta, Web Editor October 10, 2023

Continuous bills restricting drag performances, endless protests and arrests of drag queens; is all what the drag community has faced over the years, an uphill struggle fighting for their voices and freedom. Fellow Latinx drag queens like Gigi Chairez...

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UTEP student Diego Martinez was killed by a motorcycle in West El Paso Sept. 29. Photo courtesy of UTEP Soccer’s Twitter

Love like Diego

Itzel Giron, Editor-in-Chief October 10, 2023

People come into one another’s lives not knowing the impact they will have on each other. For Stephen Pitchkolan, President of Kappa Sigma at UTEP, the impact of Diego Martinez is an everlasting one. Unfortunately, some people leave this earth unexpectedly...

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Ecology student, Karen Stopani suggests doing things that make you happy to avoid burnout.

Different ways to deal with student burnout

Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter October 9, 2023

Like the leaves falling around campus, so are some students’ motivation for their classes. College can get difficult in the middle of the semester, as midterms and assignment deadlines loom over the heads of students. Dealing with student burnout can...

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