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Renato Aguilera, Ph.D lead the team that found a promising compound to combat leukemia.

UTEP research team laying the foundation for new cancer treatment

Erik Acosta, Editor-In-Chief January 25, 2024

In late 2007, a team of UTEP researchers began working on a drug that could potentially kill cancer cells. Their extensive research has come to a revolutionary breakthrough as Renato Aguilera, Ph.D., and a team of Ph.D. students discovered a compound...

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Faculty members Beatrice Lee, Ph.D., and Emre Umucu, both part of the College of Health Sciences, were awarded a $250,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Photo courtesy of UTEP

UTEP researchers receive grant to help disabled community

Erik Acosta, Editor-In-Chief January 23, 2024

UTEP College of Health Sciences announces their researchers will begin to work on improving employment barriers among veterans and Asian Americans with disabilities. Researchers Beatrice Lee, Ph.D., and Emre Umucu, Ph.D., both faculty members from the...

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The “Minding Minds” is a monument located at the entrance of UTEP, installed in 2010.

UTEP Foster Homeless program ensures success for students

Adam Regalado, Multimedia Editor January 19, 2024

Back in 2010 a staff member became aware of a student living on campus and was later dealing with house insecurity. This situation would later be the stepping stone for UTEP to form The Foster Homeless Adopted Resources (FHAR). Since then, FHAR has strived...

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Wintertime blues can be the feeling of unhappiness and depression often related to the winter season and cold climates brought on by it.

Lecture halls to winter stalls: How UTEP students beat winter blues

Alyson Rodriguez, Contributor January 18, 2024

As the winter air covers campus in a cold embrace, many UTEP students navigate balancing academic demands with wintertime blues.  Wintertime blues can be described as the feeling of depression or deep unhappiness associated with experiencing the cold...

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20 current and former UTEP faculty members were recognized amongst the top two percent of the most cited researchers in the world.

UTEP faculty ranked amongst top researchers worldwide

Gianluca Cuevas, Photographer January 17, 2024

As research is a growing industry worldwide, researchers at UTEP are far from falling short of the top researchers in the world. UTEP was recognized among the top 2% of the most cited researchers worldwide in a distinguished list known as the Standford-Elsevier....

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“Esfera Cuántica Tlahtolli” in front of Fox Fine Arts.

UTEP Fox Fine Arts Building woes

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter January 16, 2024

One of the most recognizable buildings on UTEP campus, the Fox Fine Arts building, home to many fine arts students. The building, famous for its frequent concerts, has been facing cosmetic problems created by a water leak. While this does not pose a health...

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UTEP graduate and student Xavier Bates is earning his degree in multidisciplinary studies and will graduate this semester. Photo courtesy of Xavier Bates

A UTEP graduate journey through CASS

Erik Acosta, Web Editor December 12, 2023

As the clock ticks down towards commencement day, some graduates begin to reflect on the journey and support they received throughout their undergraduate years. Soon to be UTEP graduate Xavier Bates, a multidisciplinary studies major, considers his parents,...

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Students who live on campus have all expenses from housing included in their tuition.

Where accessibility and affordability meet: UTEP housing

Sofia Sierra, Staff Reporter December 7, 2023

Some people say a place to call home is an essential part of pursuing an education. One’s definition of home may be a comfortable bed, a place to decompress, or a place to gather with the people closest to them. Whatever it may be, home can contribute...

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Job searching is one of the biggest contributing factors to graduation anxiety as students enter a competitive job market.

Is graduating college a gateway into anxiety?

Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter December 6, 2023

While graduates prepare for their big day, some may be thinking more about what comes after. Jobs, responsibilities, and ‘adulting’ are few of the things graduates think about when it comes to life after college, which may cause stress and anxiety....

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UTEP had until Sept. 8 to send documents to prove accreditation.

UTEP accreditation ‘warning status’ is officially removed

Erik Acosta, Web Editor December 5, 2023

UTEP officials announced Tuesday morning, Dec. 5 that the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) has removed the warning status from the university accreditation.   This summer the Board of Trustees from SACSCOC...

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UTEPs accreditation status will be reviewed and revealed in December.

UTEP avoids loss of accreditation

Erik Acosta, Web Editor December 5, 2023

As the summer months rolled by, UTEP dealt with more than just blazing heat, but a warning status at the risk of losing its accreditation. With the holiday season right around the corner, so is UTEP's accreditation status, which will be reviewed in December...

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Sonam Chok, born in raised in Bhutan, is a graduating senior from UTEP College of Nursing.

A new home, far from home

Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter November 29, 2023

Sonam Choki remembers the few pictures of UTEP her sister showed her back in the late 2000s. It was at that time Choki, now graduating senior from UTEP’s College of Nursing, saw her future school for the first time.    Born and raised in Thimphu,...

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