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Assayer of Student Opinion.

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Assayer of Student Opinion.

The Prospector

UTEP’s homecoming theme will be neon which will be incorporated in their upcoming events such as the “Glow with the Flow” art contest which will be happening Oct. 9. Photo courtesy of the Prospector archive

Celebrate homecoming week with a neon-bright smile

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter October 12, 2023

As homecoming nears, UTEP finds itself preparing to illuminate the campus with glowing spirit as they prepare to welcome back alumni, Golden Graduates and kick off the celebration during the week of Oct. 29, –Nov. 4, Neon-themed traditions and events...

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The UTEP Marching Miners are lead on the field by this year’s Drum Majors Ramsey Perez (left), Cassandra Gil (center) and Alexa Andrade Fuentes (right).

Behind the beat of the Marching Miners’ success

Emmanuel Rivas Valenzuela, Sports Editor October 12, 2023

Although people come to the Sun Bowl on game days to watch the UTEP football team, it can be difficult to imagine the football experience without the spectacle put on by the Marching Miners.   The UTEP Marching Miners have become a staple, performing...

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Ecology student, Karen Stopani suggests doing things that make you happy to avoid burnout.

Different ways to deal with student burnout

Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter October 9, 2023

Like the leaves falling around campus, so are some students’ motivation for their classes. College can get difficult in the middle of the semester, as midterms and assignment deadlines loom over the heads of students. Dealing with student burnout can...

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While in Kazakhstan, Tchoshanov will research and teach different learning implements.

Meet Mourat Tchoshanov, the newest Fullbright Award recipient

Katy Ruiz, Contributor/Reporter October 6, 2023

Learning college mathematics can be hard but teaching it to students means an individual has to have the skill set to teach and the brains to know so much math. Mathematics professor Mourat Tchoshanov, Ph.D., he has taken the challenge of not teaching...

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Discover offers job opportunities for UTEP students exclusively for them.

“Discover” credits within Accredited Program at UTEP

Katy Ruiz, Contributor/Reporter September 28, 2023

Between the rising cost of goods, finding jobs and being a college student, there are plenty of reasons to be on a path of discovery at UTEP.  While there are many options at UTEP to help students with economic mobility, the university has decided to...

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Dr. El-Gendy teaching and explaining the nature of his magnetic experiment to his students.

A look inside UTEP physicists’ groundbreaking discoveries

Sofia Sierra, Contributor/Reporter September 27, 2023

Computers, magnets, and quantum physics. Some may wonder how these three topics relate. Until most recently, the three were combined by UTEP physicists who reported the creation of a new magnet that works more efficiently than quantum computing.  This...

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According to a UTEP press release, more than 3,800 students enrolled, which is a four percent increase over last year’s fall enrollment.

UTEP breaks record for highest freshman enrollment for a second time

Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter September 26, 2023

The start of the fall semester means many things like festivities, fun and freshmen, which according to UTEP, there are plenty of this year.  For the second year in a row, UTEP has announced the breaking of its all-time freshman record. With more first-year...

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According to a study by Young Invincibles, 72 percent of student parents nationwide are mothers.

Two for one, a student mother makes it all happen

H. Catching Marginot, Staff Reporter September 15, 2023

At first glance, it can be hard to believe thousands of students attend college daily. The sun rises and sets day in and day out while students find time to pursue their higher education. Each student with their own story that fuels them to show off their...

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The UTEP Career Center can be found at the Union West Building, Room 103, is open to all students, from incoming graduates to seniors and graduate students.

UTEP Career Center sets students up for success

Erik Acosta, Web Editor September 15, 2023

Guiding students to their full potential, UTEP Career Center is one of many resources the university offers to its students. From undergraduate students to graduate students, navigating the world of finding a job or internship can be challenging for some...

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UTEP Career Center Director, Betsabe Castro-Duarte, poses with her fellow employees of the Career Center.

A commitment to the University Career Center

Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter September 14, 2023

For some college students, being told to focus on education by their families is a normal routine. One example of this routine is UTEP’s Career Center Director Betsabe “Betsy” Castro, who remembers when her parents told her the same.  “My...

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SHPE and MAES come together for their first meeting of the year, on Sept. 7. At the El Paso Natural Gas Conference Center (EPNGCC).

Organization helps grow the new STEM thinkers of tomorrow, today

Erik Acosta, Web Editor September 13, 2023

As students chanted “Go Miners,” a welcoming atmosphere filled the air as two non-profit organizations, The Society of Professional Hispanics Engineers (SHPE) and Latinos in Science and Engineering (MAES), came together for their first general meeting...

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The UTEP School of Pharmacy, located 1101 N Campbell Street, is a fully accredited school of pharmacy.

UTEP School of Pharmacy holds largest white coat ceremony to date

H. Catching Marginot, Staff Reporter September 12, 2023

Entering the field of medicine and medicinal science is a challenging task, especially in a busy job climate. A world where it's essential to work hard and be committed to the work that drives you. It can be tedious, but UTEP's School of Pharmacy class...

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