S8 E6: It’s giving VOGUE

Katrina Villarreal, Multimedia Editor

It’s the fashion podcast Miners! On this week’s episode staff reporter Avery Escamilla-Wendell talked to Drag performer GagaBoy about the additional legislation may take away health insurance coverage and create lawsuits against gender-transitioning care that affects many in the Drag community. Photo editor Annabella Mireles gives her advice on how to find your style. Staff reporter Elisha Nuñez breaks down early 2000s camp fashion. Audience and engagement editor Marco Hinojosa is back with ‘Marco Listens’ to give his thoughts on Melanie Martinez’s new album and a brief preview on the albums releasing in April. On this week’s ‘Book Talk’ host Katrina Villarreal, Copy editor Maria Guerrero and Arts & Culture editor Meagan Garcia discuss how books and book characters have influenced their style and everyday life. Sports editor Emmanuel Rivas Valenzuela breaks down UTEP sports in the 60 second sports rundown and staff reporter Erik Acosta takes over the M&E mental health segment.

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