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The uniforms that made UTEP

LEFT TO RIGHT: In the ’80s, football uniforms included a white line across the sleeve and three lines running down the pants, while their helmets included “UTEP” spelled out. Men’s Basketball uniforms in 1966 included the words “Texas Western” spelled out on the front and had shorter shorts than today. Women’s basketball uniforms included a wider sleeve with a blue line above them along with a high V-neck cut with stripes along the neck. Photos courtesy of the UTEP Athletics Department.

A look at UTEP sporting attire through the years

UTEP uniforms have been a staple part of UTEP Athletics and have evolved throughout the years. From time to time, the Miners like to pay homage to uniform designs worn in the past in what they call their “throwbacks.”

Here are a few of the sports at UTEP and some of their transfor-mations of uniforms worn through-out the years.

In football, UTEP has kept a sleek look and only changed a few things in the uniforms. In the late 1960s, the Miners uniforms included a wide line across the sleeve and along the pants, while sporting a blank helmet. Compared to the 1980s where the line across the sleeve got smaller and there were now three lines along the pants, one orange and two blue, with UTEP across the helmet.

Between 2016-2022, football uniforms have changed quite a bit. In the 1980s, the football team had UTEP in a large text size across the chest, and from 2016-2022 it has gotten smaller. In 2016, the Miners had a small UTEP logo in the mid-dle of the jersey, and in 2018 and 2022 it had UTEP in a medium text size across the chest, varying in color from blue and orange. From 2016-2022, the pants of the uniform were kept simple with no lines going down the sides.

Men’s basketball at UTEP has seen quite a few differences in uniforms throughout the years. In 1966, the UTEP men’s basketball sported the iconic Texas Western uniforms that included orange and white checkered seams along the neck and arm area with Texas Western spelled out on the front of the uniform with the player’s num-ber in the middle. The shorts with those uniforms were much smaller than they are today.

Today, UTEP men’s basketball uniforms are much different than the uniforms from 1966. The Min-ers showed off various uniforms throughout the season including a throwback Texas Western jersey with a modern twist, and a gray jer-sey with “Mineros” written across the chest for Noche Latina. One uniform worn this year is an all-white ensemble with UTEP across the chest, UTEP on the waistband, and a small pick on the shorts; this uniform can compare to the 2008 uniforms without the orange and blue lines going done the sides of the jersey and shorts.

UTEP women’s basketball, like the sports mentioned above, has seen a difference in uniforms over the years. In the 1980s, the Miners uniforms had a wider sleeve with a blue line an inch above the end of the sleeves. The jerseys had a high V-neck like cut with orange, blue and white stripes and UTEP across the chest.

At the moment, the Miners rock various uniforms in different colors throughout the season. The Miners sport an all-blue ensemble with pink accents for Breast Cancer awareness month, the pink outlined the number, with UTEP in all pink on the front and pink along the sides of the jersey and shorts. The uniforms are a lot different from the 1980s, as the uniforms today have much smaller sleeves.

Volleyball jerseys have stayed almost the same throughout the years, only changing a few things in the uniforms since then. In 2010, the Miners sported a short-sleeve shirt with just the number on the front with UTEP across the back above the number, and the last name below the number. In 2016, we see the long-sleeve jerseys make an appearance with the number in the front and sections of blue, orange and white along the sleeve of the uniformss.

Currently, the UTEP volleyball team sports long-sleeve uniforms all season in various colors including white, pink, orange, and blue. White and orange uniforms were the exact same concept with only the sleeves of each being different; the orange uniforms have a half orange, half white with a blue line going down the middle, and the white uniforms have a half white, half blue with an orange line going down the middle.

Although many of the uniforms for the Miners have changed, we still see the throwback jerseys from time to time, as UTEP athletes honor their legacy.

Katrina Villarreal is a staff reporter and may be reached at [email protected].

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The uniforms that made UTEP