SGA announces special election results


Illustration by Anahy Diaz

UTEP’s Student Government Association (SGA) has released its special election results Tuesday, Feb. 16 following over a week of campaigning.

Anahy Diaz, Editor-In-Chief

UTEP’s Student Government Association (SGA) released its 2021 special Spring election results Tuesday evening.   

The senator-at-large vacant seats will be filled by Joseline “Josie” Avila with 130 votes, Kimberly Sanchez with 109 votes, Brianna Iberty Trevino with 106 votes and Marlenne Prieto with 83 votes.  

Avila, a sophomore majoring in communication studies, originally received 145 votes but was penalized for violating section 8.10 and 8.15 of SGA’S Election Code.  

According to election commissioner Katya Compian, Avila’s campaign video showcased UTEP’s pick on the side of the highway and featured scenes of her in the interior of the library where campaigning is strictly prohibited.  

The SGA’S election commission unanimously decided to sanction Avila with a deduction of 10% of her votes. 7% for the violation of section 8.10 and 3% for the violation of Section 8.15, which resulted in a loss of 15 votes, totaling 130 votes for Avila. 

Avila and the rest were followed closely by Alejandro Prieto with 80 votes and Jocelyn Carrera with 78 votes.  

Lya Bejarano, a junior majoring in engineering education and leadership won the race for senator collegiate of engineering with 43 votes, with Ryan Cruz behind with 25 votes, followed closely by Tristan Angel Hernandez with 15 votes and Brandon Jess with 14 votes. 

Philosophy major, Kimberly Zubiate, won the race for senator collegiate of liberal arts with 64 votes, defeating Jackie Aguilar and Emilia Tapia who garnered 50 and 31 votes respectively.  The senator collegiate of health sciences position will be filled by Jose Lechuga, who won his unopposed seat with 31 votes.  

According to SGA, 801 total ballots were cast in the election. 



CandidateNumber of Votes
Joseline "Josie" Avila145
Kimberly Sanchez 109
Brianna Iberty Trevino106
Marlenne Prieto83
Alejandra Prieto 80
Jocelyn Carrera 78
Jennifer Carrillo76
Javier Martinez73
Elijah Escamilla66
Peter Ufondu51
Rebekah Mei Plaza49
Carolina Quiroga39
Carla Canales39
Laiza Guereque 37
Lailani Chehedeh 35
Erica Salas 23
Vianey Juarez-Rangel22
Issac Hames10
Jose Lechuga 4
Senator At Large 3
Senator At Large 1 1
Guillermo Gutiérrez 1
Senator 1
Donald Trump 1
Kimberly Michelle Rivera1
Oscar Berjes 1
Juan Pablo Hobbs 1
Brandon Jess 1
Marlon Picado 1
Miguel Angel Anaya 1

Senator Collegiate – Engineering 

CandidateNumber of Votes
Lya Bejarano 43
Ryan Cruz25
Tristan Angel Hernandez 15
Brandon Jess14
Fancisco Jimenez11
Guillermo Gutiérrez1

Senator Collegiate – Health Sciences 

CandidateNumber of Votes
Jose Lechuga31

Senator Collegiate – Liberal Arts 

CandidateNumber of Votes
Kimberly Zubiate 64
Jackie Aguilar50
Emilia Tapia31
Kyle Jacquez1

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