SGA results arrive after a weeklong delay


Illustration by Hugo Hinojosa

UTEP’s Student Government Association (SGA) has released the election results Monday after delays due to repealed sanctions.

Sven Kline, Contributor

After more than a week since the day results were originally expected to be announcedUTEP’s Student Government Association (SGA) has released the election results Monday after delays due to repealed sanctions 

PEAK party candidate Jessica Martinez has been reelected as president with a grand total of 651 votes, with Amey Gomez of UNITY behind with 471 votes and Pricilla Gallegos in last with 108 votes 

SGA’s Supreme Court delayed election results due to conduct penalties incurred during the election and debate, with proceedings over the matters occurring during the past week. 

A considerable penalty between candidates Dominic Kelly and J.J. Martinez occurred over an argument of transparency resulting with candidate Kelly violating section 8.09 of the SGA’s Code of Ethics or opponent bashing.  

“With regard to Kelly’s alleged violations of Section 8.09, this Court reverses the Election Commission’s decision and finds candidate Dominic Kelly in violation of Section 8.09This Court hereby sanctions Dominic Kelly with an 18% deduction of all votes received in the 2020 Student Government Association and election,” Jonathon Picado, a UTEP SGA Supreme Court associate justice, ruled over the matter.  

This sanction resulted in a loss of 115 votes, totaling out to 522 votes for Kelly, thus giving opposing party, UNITY candidate, Bruce Jordan, a close win for the vice president of internal affairs position with an ending total of 488 votes.  

Martinez was given a 2.5% deduction to his overall total of votes, resulting in losing two votes to his 88 votes.  

For the position of vice president of external affairs, PEAK party candidate Austin Stephens came out on top with a total of 659 votes over his opponent, UNITY party candidate Miriam Aguirre, who garnered a total of 539 votes.  

A tie occurred for the position of Collegiate Senator of Science between candidates Nick Ortiz (UNITY) and Yasmeen Abugalyon (PEAK), both with 105 votesA recount is set for the near future with a probable run-off as well.  

PEAK party candidate Nayeli Ontiveros took a marginal win for position of collegiate senator of engineering over UNITY candidate Karen Munoz with a 197 to 40 vote count up.  

Isaiah Iturralde of the PEAK party took a close win over UNITY candidate Ana Flor Bernalresulting in an outcome of 152 to 150 votesFor office in education, Laura Pacheco of PEAK will claim her win unopposed and with a vote count of 48.  

A close match up between Danica Lopez (PEAK) and Hannah Lyon (UNITY) took place over collegiate senator of business with the resulting 119 to 92 votes. 



CandidatePartyNumber of Votes
Jessica MartinezPEAK651
Amey GomezUNITY471
Priscilla GallegosIndependent108



CandidatePartyNumber of votes
Austin StephensPEAK659
Miriam AguirreUNITY539



CandidatePartyNumber of Votes
Dominic KellyPEAK522 (637 before deduction)
Bruce JordanUNITY488
J.J. MartinezIndependent86 (88 before deduction)



Candidate (Winners)PartyNumber of votes
Matt GarciaPEAK238
Gabriela MunozPEAK140
Luis HinojosPEAK137
Sergio CuevasPEAK136
Michael GutierrezUNITY128
Elisa MotonUNITY127
Samantha MoralesPEAK121
Carlos ChavezUNITY118
Cosette VelasquezPEAK111
Erika LopezUNITY111
Kyle JacquezPEAK106
Catherine WashingtonPEAK103
Maria Margarita GomezUNITY95
David VasquezPEAK93
Dario ToppingPEAK83
Vivian DormanUNITY81
Aaron CarrilloPEAK76



CandidatePartyNumber of votes
Danica LopezPEAK119
Hannah LyonUNITY92



CandidatePartyNumber of votes
Laura PachecoPEAK48



CandidatePartyNumber of votes
Nayeli OntiverosPEAK192
Karen MunozIndependent40


Health Sciences

CandidatePartyNumber of Votes
Mikel AvalosPEAK72
Nick OrtizIndependent2


Liberal Arts

CandidatePartyNumber of votes
Isaiah IturraldePEAK152
Ana Flor BernalUNITY150



CandidatePartyNumber of votes
Nick OrtizUNITY105
Yasmeen AbugalyonPEAK105



CandidatePartyNumber of votes
Diego MendezPEAK105



CandidatePartyNumber of votes
Tolulope (Adeyina)PEAK67
Amanda LabradoIndependent1
Emerson ArmendarizIndependent1
Karen MunozIndependent1
Marcos MendezIndependent2
Nayeli OntiverosPEAK1


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