El Paso brewery celebrates four years of beer


Sven Kline

DeadBeach Brewery Birthday Block Party, El Paso, Tx.

Sven Kline, Contributor

Deadbeach Brewery celebrated its fourth anniversary since opening its doors with street beer, food trucks, live music, art, and street vendors Saturday, Nov.2 at its downtown location on Durango Street.  

Local beer lovers convened outside the brewery to enjoy live music and taste the variety of beer types DeadBeach has to offer without paying an entrance fee.   

The venue was sectioned off into three areas, each offering a different beer tasting experience: the taproom, the patio and the street. 

In the taproom section, people were able to enjoy the following drinks: the Crying Fist, Double Stuffed, Golden Girl, The Implication, Plumbus, Whispering Rye, Drunken Calabaza, Scotch Rocket and Paso Blanco.   

Outside in the patio location, attendees were able to enjoy DeadBeach’s most iconic ales, the DeadBeach Lager and Chuco Lager, along with other drinks such as, Brown BonnieAbuela Stout, Chihuahefe and The Heartbreaker.   

Most attendees hung outside of the venue near a décor stage. The breweries signature drinks, Whippit Good, Ping Pong in Ding Dang, Big Badger, Downtown Coconut Brown, Great Calabaza, Pink Pink Pink, Desert Dementia, Thunder Gun, 2 Bock Shakur, Raspberry Swirl and the Stay Golden, were among the drinks served to attendees. However, Pink Pink Pink quickly sold out by 9 p.m. 

“The Pink Pink Pink is my favorite, I love sour beers. I just love the taste them. even eat lemon sometimes, I know its weird,” Andrew Beach said.  Beach and his friends arrived after his favorite drink sold out. 

Though DeadBeach has become a popular local brewery in El Paso, the venue’s events have drawn people from out of town including Beach and his companions.   

“We actually found about DeadBeach at BeerFest two years ago,” Beach said. Me and my friend went and there was a beer called Cherry Picker and it was really good.”  

Three artists attended the event, two of them being Armando Mena and Adie Borunda who set up their displays beside the stage. 

Mena worked attentively on painting depicting aupside-down skull with pink and blue flowers above on a gray backgroundreminiscent of Día De Los Muertos, which was observed that same day.   

To the right of Mena’s piece was Borunda’s artwork depicting a cartoonish image of characters beside cacti under a full moon on a cloudy night.   

The crowd enjoyed performances from acts such as Go Fever, Kikimora, Get the Honey, Tereso Contreras, the Moonshine Trio, Walt on Wax and Brandon Bailey Johnson.   

Attendees also partook in axe throwing, courtesy of “Relaxe, and were given live performances by Odd Lab, an entertainment studio specializing in fire performances and LED light shows, displaying their intricate techniques throughout the event.   

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