UTEP alumnus releases book on Mexican-American migration with ‘Homelands’


Gaby Velasquez

Corchado personalized some books for the attendees at the book signing at the Literarity Book on Wednesday, June 6.

Gaby Velasquez, Photo Editor

Literarity Book Shop held a book signing for Alfredo Corchado’s new book “Homelands: Four Friends, Two Countries, and the Fate of the Great Mexican-American Migration” on Wednesday, June 6.

Corchado is a prize-winning journalist, who graduated from UTEP and is a former reporter from The Prospector. He is currently the Mexico border correspondent for the Dallas Morning News.

Corchado’s new book is a story told from the perspective of four life-long friends, who over the course of 30 years have witnessed Mexican immigration to the U.S.

The El Paso Times will hold a panel, where they will examine the U.S. and Mexico border on Thursday, June 7 at the UTEP Union Cinema, with Corchado, Director of the Rubin Center Kerry Doyle, author Benjamin Saenz and El Paso Times Editor Zahira Torres.