The Fiddler and the Angel

After attending the Thursday, May 7, 2016 UTEP Dinner Theater rendition of “The Fiddler on the Roof,” I became disoriented and could not find my vehicle on the new pedestrian-friendly campus. I walked with my 80-year-old friend for 15 minutes, and then felt it best if I left her on the steps of one of the buildings to go look on my own. I still could not find the vehicle.

I happened upon the “Fiddler,” Ajith Kumar, and the “angel” Fruma-Sarah, played by Arazelia Perez. I explained our situation to them and they were more than gracious and assisted us. Ajith drove to different parking areas until he found my vehicle.

He called Arazelia and she walked us over to the vehicle. Thank you so much for your help and concern. If not for the two of you I would still be wondering around!

To the UTEP policeman, you need training on exactly what your job is and your purpose on campus–shame on you.

Again, shout out and many thanks to our “fiddler and angel,” Ajith and Arazelia.


Jennie E. Larder