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The UTEP community has welcomed senior staff members Dr. Catie McCorry-Andalis and Dr. Amanda Vasquez-Vicario to executive leadership positions.  Photo courtesy of UTEP Newsfeed/Press releases

Longtime UTEP staff members appointed to new executive positions

Erik Acosta, Web Editor June 23, 2023

The UTEP community has welcomed senior staff members Dr. Catie McCorry-Andalis and Dr. Amanda Vasquez-Vicario to executive leadership positions. Thursday, June 22, UTEP announced Andalis would take over as the new Vice President for Student Affairs along...

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New York City experienced some of the worst levels of air pollution due to the smoke from Canada’s wildfires spreading.

Nature’s warning light

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor/Reporter June 23, 2023

Whenever our bodies need fixing, we feel pain; whenever our car needs fixing, it lights up the dashboard. But what happens when our planet needs to be fixed? June 6 was when we got one answer; the skies of New York City were set ablaze from the neighboring...

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A search and rescue mission has been deployed in hopes of finding OceanGate’s Titan, the missing submersible that takes passengers to see the wreckage of the Titanic.

The Titan: An ironic tragedy

Meagan Elizabeth García, Arts & Culture Editor June 22, 2023

[Update]: As of 3:05 p.m. Eastern Standard time, June 22, the five passengers on board the missing submersible known as the Titan have been reported to be deceased.   A “debris field” was discovered by the US Coast Guard and is said to be consistent...

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“Born This Way”: Pride in the Borderland  

Avery Escamilla-Wendell, Multimedia Editor June 16, 2023

The LGBTQ+ community across El Paso celebrates Pride month through different events hosted by Sun City Pride, a local organization. "Born This Way" is the 18th annual Pride parade which gathered the LGBTQ+ community to walk across central El Paso to express...

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Luia Avalos, a Chihuahua native, dreamt of studying at UTEP since he was a kid, and hopes of working at NASA after receiving a $5,000 scholarship from UTEP.

Two international students will soon start their journey at UTEP

Erik Acosta , Web Editor June 15, 2023

A UTEP scholarship brought two Chihuahua, Mexico students' dreams to reality. On June 2, recipients Priscila Garnica and Luis Avalos accepted a $5,000 scholarship from UTEP, an initiative by the study abroad program to bring more international students...

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On June 1, at a joint ribbon-cutting ceremony in Houston and El Paso, NASA and UTEP announced the beginning of a Digital Engineering Design Center (DEDC) at Johnson Space Center.

UTEP and NASA coming together to start a new chapter

Erik Acosta, Web Editor June 15, 2023

NASA has opened its doors for UTEP to have a home at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. June 1 , marked a historic joint ribbon-cutting ceremony in Houston and El Paso, where the pair announced the beginning of a Digital Engineering Design Center (DEDC)...

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Students walk to their first class by Centennial Park to prepare for the school day.

Resources to start your academic career at UTEP

Avery Escamilla-Wendell, Staff Reporter May 26, 2023

Taking the first step at UTEP can be a daunting moment. The crowds of students, different buildings and events at the plaza can be very overwhelming. However, the help of faculty and staff can make the first day the best day of the school year. New Student...

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From left to right: Christian Campos, Brianna Iberty Trevino, Carlos Castanon, Ian Valdez, Ashley Delgado

UTEP’s newest top ten seniors

Angelica Gutierrez, Contributor May 12, 2023

Graduation symbolizes the end of a journey and the accomplishment of a goal. Routines were often established. Students tried their best to get a degree, but some went the extra mile. That’s the case for the 2023 Top 10 Seniors, students who demonstrated...

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Professor Jose D. Maldonado is a UTEP graduate and is now a full-time professor who has spent five years teaching communication classes. Photo courtesy of Professor Jose D. Maldonado

Professor returns to UTEP to impact students

Erik Acosta, Staff Reporter May 4, 2023

Entering as a nervous freshman in 2010, a professor whose roots and identity are tied to a university that has stood by his side all these years, Professor Jose D. Maldonado, a UTEP graduate, owes his success to the university.  Graduating in 2015 with...

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Yaretsy Hernandez is a senior majoring in rehabilitation science and is the founder of Mom’s and Majors, a new organization that focuses on the importance of UTEP students and parents. Photo courtesy of Yaretsy Hernandez

Moms and Majors: A safe space for student parents on campus

Avery Escamilla-Wendell, Staff Reporter May 3, 2023

Juggling a full-time job, university, and parenting can take a large toll on many UTEP students. Though the daycares and babysitters do help, many parents may need to bring their kids to class as there may not be another option.  Yaretsy Hernandez,...

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El Paso Hockey Associate might be demolished to expand the port of entry.

A possible frozen oasis

Eugenio Cantu, Contributor May 3, 2023

Although the prospect of an ice rink in the middle of a desert city might seem a little strange, the El Paso Hockey Association is one of the city’s biggest sports. They are composed of our home team, the El Paso Rhinos, which compete in NAHL (North...

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UTEP hosted a public memorial for Willie Cager at the Don Haskin Center on April 14.

Don Haskins event honors late basketball legend Willie Cager Jr.

H. Catching Marginot, Contributor May 3, 2023

On March 19, UTEP’s basketball legend William (Willie) Cager Jr. died at the age of 81. March 19 was also the 57th anniversary of the 1966 NCAA men’s college basketball championship. Nicknamed “Scoops” for his swiftness in handling the ball on...

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