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Villa was inspired by bringing the community together.

Behind ‘Bella Luna’ Photo Studio’s mission toward empowering women

Avery Escamilla-Wendell, Arts & Culture Editor April 17, 2024

A photo lens can capture the beauty of anything that is in sight. At Bella Luna Photo Studio, the creative bounds of beauty, light and creativity are captured with a simple shutter. Bella Luna Photo Studio is located on El Paso St. and is open to all...

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Tino Ortega works on upcoming “Amor” mural at 7715 Paseo del Norte Blvd.

‘Inflating Inspiration’: The impact of 3D balloon murals on El Paso’s Community

SalmaPaola Baca, Photographer April 16, 2024

El Paso, Texas, a city steeped in Chicano culture and history, has recently become adorned with vibrant 3D balloon art murals, captivating passersby and residents alike. Among the talented artists behind this unique trend is Albert “Tino” Ortega,...

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Raramuri doll (CE 1980 – 1987) and water jar (CE 1975 – 1977).

Dualidad: Embracing the culture

Alyda Muela, Contributor/Writer April 10, 2024

Members of the community gathered to celebrate the knowledge, culture, and acceptance displayed by the El Paso Museum of History’s new exhibition, Dualidad: Indigenous Gender Identity in the American Southwest and Mexico on March 28.   According...

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Beyoncé released ‘act ii: COWBOY CARTER, after five years in the making. Photo courtesy of Printerval.

Diving into Beyoncé’s new hit record ‘COWBOY CARTER’

Marco Hinojosa, Audience & Engagement Editor April 5, 2024

Time to put on cowboy boots and do the Dosey-doe, Beyoncé released her highly anticipated album ‘act ii: COWBOY CARTER.’ The new era began after the album was announced during the Super Bowl LVIII, alongside two singles from the record, ‘16 CARRIAGES’...

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Blooming poppies during the Poppies Fest, Mar. 23 at the El Paso Museum of Archeology.

Celebrating El Paso’s favorite flower at the 2024 Poppies Festival

Alyson Rodriguez, Contributor/Writer April 5, 2024

El Paso's beloved flower is blooming in all its glory. The 15th annual Poppies Festival, hosted by the El Paso Archaeology Museum at 4301 Transmountain Road, welcomed visitors to celebrate this cherished event.  “The Poppies Festival began in 2007...

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Carrie Underwood returns to El Paso, after 16 years.

El Paso wears Denim and Rhinestones

Adam Regalado, Multimedia Editor April 5, 2024

After 16 years, Carrie Underwood has returned to El Paso. Fans dressed in their boots and denim jackets as the Don Haskins Center vibrated with energy of excitement and anticipation. Fans of all generations came to celebrate Underwood's return in hopes...

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Body forms allow designers to see how their design would look on someone.

Fashion for all bodies and sizes

Adam Regalado, Multimedia Editor April 3, 2024

The small section in the back of the retail store is the section that is usually hidden with a small variety of clothing. This section is targeted to “plus size” people and normally offers a limited variety of sweatpants, t-shirts, and other regular...

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Olivia Rodrigo released a deluxe version of her album “GUTS” on Mar. 22, it added five more songs to the albums originally released 12 songs. Photo courtesy of GoodFon.

Get ready to be “Obsessed” with the emotional and playful “GUTS (spilled)”

Ximena Cordero, Staff Reporter April 3, 2024

After the highly anticipated and successful release of six-time Grammy nominated, sophomore album, “GUTS” Olivia Rodrigo expanded her catalog with a surprise deluxe version of the album that included five new songs making “GUTS (spilled)” on her...

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‘Junk Approved’ uses recycled materials.

Jump into ‘Junk Approved’ couture

Marco Hinojosa, Audience & Engagement Editor April 2, 2024

Wearing clothing can mean something much deeper than the idea of applying fabric pieces to the human body. Clothing items are about expressing one’s identity with styles and creations from designers that have an artistic vision. Fashion has no limits,...

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Goth is a style influenced by art, music and literature.

BACK TO BLACK: The gothic resurrection

Avery Escamilla-Wendell, Arts & Culture Editor April 2, 2024

Black lace traces down as large silver jewelry with spikes and stones glimmers, gothic fashion is back in style. Dating back to the Victorian era, gothic fashion, and its aesthetics have been seen as bad to some people as it has been associated with evil....

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“Siempre Selena” is the first thing you see walking into the El Paso Museum of Art; photographs by John Dyer, 1992.

Selena the legend of Tejano music

Esteban Corona, Staff Reporter March 24, 2024

Timeless pieces like “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” and “Amor Prohibido” are a part of The Queen of Tejano’s legacy. A legacy that The El Paso Museum of Art organized to honor the late singer, Selena Quintanilla Perez. The exhibit features memorabilia...

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Designer Sergio Estrada (left) poses with his models in his work.

Strutting through San Jacinto; the El Paso Strong Fashion Show

Marco Hinojosa, Audience & Engagement Editor March 22, 2024

A total of four years has passed since the 2019 Walmart shooting. As time moves forward, the memory of the day will never be forgotten. Within the past years, art has been a gateway to express the love and appreciation the community has for El Paso.   With...

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