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“Blunt” progression: Texas still says no

Gael Araiza

The conversation about marijuana is sometimes a tense subject in politics. New Mexico has legalized the recreational use of marijuana. And people, such as myself, are asking the question: Is Texas going to consider doing the same?  

Because Texas is close to a state who legalized marijuana, it is common to encounter someone who has taken part in recreational activities. Marijuana can come in different forms, such as edibles. Edibles are made by creating a THC oil with marijuana, then using the oil to make things such as brownies, candies and even chips. 

Many fail to realize the dangers of marijuana, simply because they want the feeling of. UTEP student Isabella Kelly believes that there is no initial harm in the use of marijuana because of its potential benefits. She says that if anyone considers doing marijuana, research is key. 

“Definitely the strains and the milligrams and stuff or the grams.” Kelly said. “Just educating themselves on how each strain or how each gram is going to affect them.” 

Education on both the benefits and harms of marijuana can help a person decide whether they smoke. Some benefits include easing anxiety, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome and helping with chronic pain in cancer according to the National Library of Medicine (NLM). The NLM also says marijuana increases a person’s appetite with those affected by diseases such as eating disorders and weight loss. 

With this information, it seems like each state should legalize it because it helps people who are sick and in pain, but why don’t they? The most popular way to use marijuana is smoking whether through a cigar filled with the substance or through a water pipe, both of which are sold in most smoke shops. So smoking is bad for us, but people are still doing it, which is a weak debate but effective at the same time since cigarettes and vapes are still being sold. 

Kelly also shares that with marijuana legalization, Texas should consider using other states as an example. 

“I know California, or the states that legalize weed, have certain policies about weed,” Kelly said. “(Texas should) look into how they do things.” 

Legalizing marijuana would be a slippery slope, with policies, regulations and strict supervision having to be done.  Legalizing it would not only do a lot of people a favor but help people in Texas who are in pain or struggling with mental health issues. If not recreationally, medical marijuana prescriptions that are not available in Texas should be legal. An opinion I stand by if lawmakers decide to make this decision that will be safe for those purchasing and especially for those who would get to be reunited with their loved ones for making a decision that affected their life.

Adam Regalado is the multimedia editor and may be contacted at [email protected].

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About the Contributors
Adam Regalado
Adam Regalado, Multimedia Editor
Adam Regalado is a senior here at The University of Texas at El Paso studying multimedia journalism. Adam is the multimedia editor at The Prospector. Once he graduates, he plans to be a reporter for a news station in Texas while growing his platform and brand on social media promoting LGBTQ+ rights.
Gael Araiza
Gael Araiza, Designer
Gael Araiza is the layout editor at The Prospector. Gael is a sophomore majoring in studio art with a concentration in graphic design and minoring in printmaking. Gael loves working with all things visual and plans to expand their creative capabilities through any and all mediums of design.
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