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Get ready to be “Obsessed” with the emotional and playful “GUTS (spilled)”

Olivia Rodrigo released a deluxe version of her album “GUTS” on Mar. 22, it added five more songs to the albums originally released 12 songs. Photo courtesy of GoodFon.

After the highly anticipated and successful release of six-time Grammy nominated, sophomore album, “GUTS” Olivia Rodrigo expanded her catalog with a surprise deluxe version of the album that included five new songs making “GUTS (spilled)” on her world tour. 

Rodrigo revealed the surprise to fans during her performance in Chicago.  

These five songs add to the upbeat chaos and heart wrenching teen angst of the originally released album by continuing the sounds of pop, rock, and grunge with some new country sounds all the while singing about love, break-ups, infatuation and personal fears. 


Many fans may have heard “Obsessed” before it was released as Rodrigo added the song to her tour setlist. The song encompasses the feeling of being infatuated with an ex to the point that one develops paranoia and begins comparing themselves to them. Similar to songs like “Get him back!” and “Bad idea, right?,” the grungy tone and futuristic sounds in the backdrop make this another teen angst hit.  

Girl I’ve always been 

Rodrigo brings a lighter and brighter feel to the album with hints of country twang and an upbeat acoustic guitar. In “Girl I’ve always been,” she sings about one pointing out the flaws in her character even though she had told them what kind of girl she was and always will be.  

Scared of my guitar 

“Scared of my guitar” slows down the mood with a ballad about lying to a partner pretending to be happy and in love but not being able to keep up the lie in Rodrigo’s music. This lie creates guilty feelings about stringing the person along but also insecurity about not knowing if there is anyone better. The soft vocals and acoustic guitar create a vulnerability to the song and its meaning.  


“Stranger” points out the irony of a breakup, while in a relationship Rodrigo knew everything about her lover but now that the relationship is over, they are suddenly strangers. Ultimately, the breakup was for the better because she got “weight off her chest” and renewed a feeling of hope which is characterized by the light and fun acoustic guitar.  

So American 

“So American” is the only song of the five that had not been heard by fans prior to the release of the deluxe album. It brings back the rock and grunge vibes to finish off the album and come full circle from “All American (explicit)” to talk about falling in love. Even though it may be too soon, she already sees all the things she loves about her partner and appreciates the things they do and say for her like laughing at all her jokes or saying she is “so american” as a compliment. It is the happy ending to a story of tumultuous relationships and self-reflection.  

Rodrigo fans shared their excitement about the new additions to the album and what their favorite new song was, like Alison Espinoza.  

“I really loved these new songs; it just brings it all together and it feels complete,” Espinoza said. “My favorite new song was “Obsessed” it just catchy and fun, it’s one of those songs that you can just dance to and yell out in your room.” 

Some fans, like Jasmine Flores, liked all the new songs but especially enjoyed the song they felt they could relate to.  

“I think Olivia did a great job with these songs, they just fit into the album so well and I already got some of them stuck in my head,” Flores said. “My favorite was “Stranger” because I can relate to it and I think a lot of people can, it’s just that peace after a breakup knowing that you’re going to be okay.” 

“GUTS (spilled)” brings back the feeling of the original 12 tracks as Rodrigo invites fans to explore deeper into the feelings and experiences that many can relate through. Whether it is a slow ballad, upbeat guitar, or a pop, grunge, rock fusion that you can scream aloud to, Rodrigo creates a blend of these that fans can enjoy as they await more from the singer.  

Ximena Cordero is a staff reporter and may be reached at [email protected].

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Ximena Cordero, Staff Reporter
Ximena Cordero is a freshman at The University of Texas at El Paso. She is a staff reporter at The Prospector. She is majoring in communications and deciding between a minor in creative writing or English literature. After graduating, she would like to pursue a master's degree, work as a journalist or communication specialist, and maybe even write her own books. She wants a career that will allow her to explore the world and see new perspectives and cultures.
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