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Jump into ‘Junk Approved’ couture

Iziah Moreno
‘Junk Approved’ uses recycled materials.

Wearing clothing can mean something much deeper than the idea of applying fabric pieces to the human body. Clothing items are about expressing one’s identity with styles and creations from designers that have an artistic vision. Fashion has no limits, expectations, or specific ways to style. Designer of ‘Junk Approved,’ Janace Walker continues to prove that fashion is all about functionality and expression.

Originally from North Carolina, Walker says she relocated to El Paso, Texas after her father passed away due to consuming contaminated water at the Marine base, Camp Lejeune in 2021, which was also a breaking story this year by CNN. She transformed her life-altering tragedy into something beautiful, all through visionary arts with fashion.

Walker is more than the average designer, she is an artist, author, creative director and is the founder for the El Paso Black Arts Association. There are various meanings for fashion as people are subjective to their own feelings and interests. Walker says fashion is the soul’s expression through clothing.

“Fashion changes a person’s personality, attitude, and thought process. Fashion is how you feel inside on the outside,” Walker said. “You basically wear how you feel.”

Walker says she is always coming up with clever ways to express her work. When it comes to the thought process behind creating designs, she says she takes inspiration from where the culture is at with the time.

“I always think about what’s going on in the world,” Walker said. “For the El Paso Strong Fashion Show we did at the San Jacinto Plaza, I did ‘Year of the Dragon’ and it is the year of the dragon, so, I always try to stay relevant with the times and what’s going on at that moment.”

Taking inspiration from what is occurring around the world, whether it be political or cultural, impacts the purpose and meaning of designs. Earlier this year, Walker displayed her collection at the El Paso Strong Fashion Show that was comprised of bold and exotic pieces.

“My message to the community is just to open up and see all of the great untapped potential there is in El Paso.” Walker says. “We all know that it’s here, I think people are still maybe a little afraid to step out and be themselves out in the open because they’re afraid it’s going to be rejected or people aren’t going to understand them.” 

While Walker’s four collections have been noticed on the runway, she also creates custom pieces for any individual who is looking to express themselves in a unique way. Walker doesn’t limit herself when curating her clothing.

“I really try to tailor an outfit around the individual and what would make them feel great and feel beautiful so that they’ll wear the look with as much confidence as possible,” Walker said. “I’d like everyone to see that art is accessible to all it only matters that you love it, and that it is your best.” 

Fashion is an artform that will never fizzle out because of the ability to give clothing individuality. From the smallest details finishes to the boldest prints, what makes fashion run is the person coming up with the creative vision and displaying the vision. 

What makes Walker’s craft with ‘Junk Approved’ so special is that most of the accessories and garments have been created by using recycled materials. Making their art sustainable and wearable has allowed the designer to flourish in more creative ways.

To order from ‘Junk Approved’ visit or check out Walker’s Instagram @junkapproved.

Marco Hinojosa is the audience and engagement editor and may be reached at [email protected].

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Marco Hinojosa
Marco Hinojosa, Audience and Engagement
Marco Hinojosa is the audience and engagement editor for The Prospector. He is a junior at the University of Texas at El Paso majoring multimedia journalism with a minor in criminal justice. He plans to broaden his horizons as a journalist and work for a major broadcast company.
Iziah Moreno
Iziah Moreno, Contributor/Photographer
Iziah Moreno is a contributor for The Prospector. He is a freshman majoring in multimedia journalism with a minor in marketing. After graduation, he hopes to work in the world of photojournalism and media.
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