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The sweet sound of Nana Bersa

Dominique Macias
Nana Bersa recently signed with Universal Music Publishing Mexico.

Editor’s Note: This is the third part in a three-part series.   

With the groovy mixed style inspired by Clairo and Lana Del Rey, artist Natalia Bermudez or Nana Bersa, shares her sound throughout La Frontera. Over 10 singles and one latest EP “Cariño” sets the stage for Bersa, as she recently signed with Universal Music Publishing Mexico. The soft vocals of Bersa bring a light breath of air to music today.  

Bersa, a 22-year-old majoring in media advertising along with a minor in commercial music at UTEP, is creating new hits. Growing up, Bersa would hear classical music her father played which inclined her to music. 

“I remember that my dad used to put classical music all the time, that’s how I got my taste in music,” Bersa said. “Growing up, I was surrounded by a bunch of artists in my family such as painters, dancers and musicians, that’s how I started to love music.”  

When creating music, Bersa thinks about past loves and bonds that were unforgettable.  

 “I feel that I write for people that are not with me anymore or that I had such strong feelings to just write it down and that’s how my inspiration comes with every song,” Bersa said.  

Although she was born in El Paso, Texas, Bersa has lived in Ciudad Juárez her whole life which creates a mix of culture in her music. 

“I feel that being at the border, you get to experience two different cultures such as American culture and the Mexican culture in terms of music,” Bersa said.  

Bersa listens to American and Mexican musicians and believes that this is a good combination for artists who live across borders.  

“That’s a really good combination of both that only border artists can create because they have both things to experience and to see every day,” Bersa said. “I think that it affects how I do my music cause I like to mix some Mexican stuff in terms of music and composition I feel that is more like the U.S.” Being a student, having a job and being a musician brings a busy schedule for Bersa.  

“I work for music, to pay for my songs, production like everything that you see, I pay it or a part of it (my styling),” Bersa said. “My love for music and my love to be someday a greater artist and also prepare myself more.”  

Bersa’s “Cariño” was created after being inconsistent with her music. The EP addresses her feelings and failure of relationships.  

“It was just to portray my feelings for them that I still love them, and I’m saying goodbye to them in a way of like letting them go,” Bersa said. “It’s just a letter of appreciation and just letting them know that I appreciate them.”  

Bersa hopes to release an album in the future and more songs. Bersa also wants to tour in Mexico and be consistent with her music. With the rise of musicians off social media, the light that shines on newfound artists can limit. 

“Right now, the music industry is really competitive because there’s a lot of people that are making this and it’s a really competitive business because some people who try to do music succeed more than the ones that are really trying hard to do it,” Bersa said. 

Even through the oversaturated music industry, Bersa continues to push through with her musicianship.  Bersa can be found on Spotify at Nana Bera and @nana.bersa. on Instagram. 

Avery Escamilla-Wendell is the arts & culture editor and may be reached at [email protected] or Instagram @by_avery_escamilla.

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Avery Escamilla-Wendell
Avery Escamilla-Wendell, Arts & Culture Editor
Dominique Macias
Dominique Macias, Contributor/Photographer
Dominique Macias is a junior majoring in media advertising minor in creative writing. She is a contributor at The Prospector. After graduation Dominique hopes to pursue a career in the media publishing world; as a photographer or writer.
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