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A love that lasts

Daniela Gonzalez Bustamante
After 32 years together, Pablo and Mari Quiros revisit their high school prom night, marking the beginning of a lifelong journey of love and companionship.

What does an impressive car stereo system, the movie “Wayne’s World” and a Shamrock Gas Station near the 1-10 highway all have in common? All three are the essential ingredients in the love story of Pablo and Marisela “Mari” Quiros. Whether it be in El Paso, New York City, Jamaica or Europe, everyone at some point in their lives has a story of a shared special connection.  

The couple will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in May after spending 32 years of their lives together.  

After Pablo Quiros graduated high school, he knew he loved electronics, so after some time, he obtained a two-year degree in industrial electronics. However, with time in the field, Pablo Quiros knew fixing radios and televisions was not his true calling. In 1995, he joined the Air Force, working in transportation linguistics. Before working in Government Contracts with Raytheon for many years, Mari Quiros worked as a manager for Target. The story of their first potential meeting begins in the summer of 1992. 

Cruising with his friends on the 1-10 highway, with a brand-new stereo system blasting, Pablo stops at a red light on Yarbrough Drive as a group of strangers pull up on his right. Pablo Quiros says his friend helped in connecting with the group who pulled up next to them at the light. 

“So, there’s a car full of guys and a car full of girls on the other side,” Pablo Quiros said. “We get each other’s attention, and my friend tells the car to pull over at the Diamond Shamrock gas station.” 

The illuminating neon light hits an empty gas station as both cars pull into the parking lot, with Pablo’s friend doing the talking and taking the lead. Although the friend secures the numbers of most of the people in the car, Pablo Quiros’ future wife turns out to be sleeping in the back. He recalls how he felt at that moment. 

“I was a shy guy, so I let him (his friend) take the lead,” Quiros said. “But at that moment, I never saw Mari, who would be my future girlfriend and wife. It turned out she was asleep in the back of the car.” 

The night ends, and both cars pull out of the gas station, going their separate ways. Pablo Quiros’ friend ends up going out with one of the people in the car, it turns out to be Mari Quiros’ cousin. With the quick thinking of his friend, a blind date to go see “Wayne’s World” is created. His friend accompanies the cousin, and Pablo Quiros is set up with Mari Quiros. What ensues is a lovely night of bonding. Mari Quiros recalls the arcade at the movie theater and playing a “Zoltar” style compatibility machine. 

“They had a video arcade there, and they had a little compatibility Zoltar thing,” she said. “I put my hand on it, and he puts his hand on it to see if we match, and I still have it.”  

The date was a success, and in the subsequent weeks, the pair started dating and soon would spend the rest of their lives together.  

Mari Quiros explains how she admired Pablo Quiros’ confidence and ability to stand his ground. 

“My parents were pretty strict, and one thing that clicked with me about him was that he was always sure of himself,” Mari said. “He would always speak his mind and say what he and people were thinking. He made me gain my confidence and one thing he has taught me.” 

Pablo Quiros admired Mari Quiros’ empathy for others and the care her family would show them. He even joked about his wife being a lone Dallas Cowboys fan while he is a fan of the 49ers.  

“The family had great values and cared for her a lot, which made me care for her a lot,” Pablo Quiros said.  

From the beginning, she has always been extremely lovable and would do anything to help anybody. 

“I wasn’t doing very well when I met her, being from the projects, barely having a car, and working all the time,” Pablo said. “She knew I didn’t come from a lot, and I could tell she liked me for who I was early on.”  

The couple knew they had to work hard at their relationship throughout their many years of being together, building a family, getting to know their families, adjusting to Pablo’s schedule with the Air Force and facing other life obstacles. They knew that they had to put trust in each other no matter what life threw at them, and even though some decisions can be challenging, they were made to improve their future. 

Mari Quiros speaks to the power of trust and patience in a relationship that helps love last. 

“One thing that has made us successful in a relationship is that we had patience and grew patient,” Mari Quiros said. “We were able to grow individually to help each other when we were, and we’re not together.”  

Although February is coming to an end, Pablo and Mari show that love is everywhere and anywhere and can be sustain for a lifetime.  

Catching Marginot is a contributor and can be reached at [email protected] 

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H. Catching Marginot
H. Catching Marginot, Contributor/Writer
Henry Catching Marginot is a junior at the University of Texas at El Paso majoring in multimedia journalism and minoring in English: rhetorical studies. He is a contributor at The Prospector and freelances. He plans to pursue writing in the future.
Daniela Gonzalez Bustamante
Daniela Gonzalez Bustamante, Contributor/Photographer
Daniela Gonzalez Bustamante is a contributor/photographer for The Prospector. She is a freshman majoring in communications. She plans to work as a sport social media manager. She also has her small photography business Cre8tive.dani which she plans to continue to grow.
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