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Love in a creative budget friendly way

Dominique Macias
A bear is a gift that is often associated with Valentine’s Day.

Commence the flower bouquets and love songs because the spell of romance is in full swing. This lovely holiday brings affection and admiration to anyone who has been struck by cupid’s arrow. Romance should always be celebrated and there are numerous ways to do so.  

Valentine’s Day can be a time where people struggle to afford gifts or worry about getting the right gift. Celebrating devotion and infatuation doesn’t have to cost a dime and when it comes to getting a gift for someone, sometimes less is more.  

Tap into the creative mindset and have fun coming up with memorable ways to enjoy the holiday. Ditch the expensive dinner for an affordable at-home movie night, a home cooked meal, or small acts of love throughout the day. 

El Paso local Samantha Gutierrez shares how she saved money and celebrated Valentine’s on a budget.  

“Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be expensive at all,” Gutierrez said. “If you are getting a gift for someone, the price of that gift doesn’t determine the relationship. What matters is the appreciation for them, and it doesn’t even need to be a significant other. You can show your affection to your friends and family. Small gestures can mean a whole lot more than a materialistic gift.”  

Chocolates and flowers are relatively affordable but the greatest and meaningful gift of all is spending time with a significant other, friend or family member.  

Get familiar with random acts of love and give tiny special gifts throughout the day. Take note of the little things in a relationship and gift them something they love. Gifts do not need to be materialistic.  

UTEP student Michelle Herrera shared a special way she and her boyfriend celebrated Valentine’s Day.  

“My boyfriend showered me with meaningful gifts that meant a lot to me personally,” Herrera said. “From the beginning of the day he gave me one rose and as my day went on, he kept giving me more and more roses. He would hide little gifts and surprise me all day. What made it so special was how precious the gifts were, nothing but flowers and little things that meant so much to me like pictures of us and knick-knacks I’ve pointed out before.”  

This holiday is a time to connect with a significant partner in a deeper way. Another memorable way to celebrate love is with an intimate candlelit dinner. Some restaurants can become over-booked or have over-priced items. A good meal doesn’t need to be expensive and making a home meal while on a budget can make the holiday a little more special.   

Valentine’s Day is about showing love and appreciation for those special individuals. Expressing emotions doesn’t need a grand gesture. Forget the pressure of high expectations and keep things genuine.  

Cupid’s holiday can be a time to show affection in a creative manner. Celebrating love has no price tag, remember to keep the love alive through meaningful gestures.  

Marco Hinojosa is the audience and engagement editor and may be reached at [email protected] 

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Marco Hinojosa
Marco Hinojosa, Audience and Engagement
Marco Hinojosa is the audience and engagement editor for The Prospector. He is a junior at the University of Texas at El Paso majoring multimedia journalism with a minor in criminal justice. He plans to broaden his horizons as a journalist and work for a major broadcast company.
Dominique Macias
Dominique Macias, Contributor/Photographer
Dominique Macias is a junior majoring in media advertising minor in creative writing. She is a contributor at The Prospector. After graduation Dominique hopes to pursue a career in the media publishing world; as a photographer or writer.
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