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Here’s a tip: tip your servers

Dominique Macias
Alan Barragan, an UTEP supporter, representing as a waiter at local cafe.

As a server myself I have never personally thought that the tipping system has been an issue, this statement being agreed with by most people that I meet who are also in the service industry. 

But, we do hear the other side of the argument quite often, usually from customers explaining why they do not believe in tipping simply because we should be paid a fair wage, some even using that logic to explain why they will not be leaving a tip at all.  

Though this logic makes sense, the reality is, servers are not going to be paid more anytime soon, especially here in America. 

According to the U.S. department of labor, employers are allowed to pay their employees less if they are being tipped and this usually references people who are servers, myself and every other server only getting paid $2.13 by the hour, making tips our main source of income. 

Maybe you have heard that the tipping culture is getting ridiculous whether on social media or by the person in front of you in line at a coffee shop, and when looking at the broad picture you can see why some people would think this is true. 

This is where the argument begins, with other service industry jobs who are getting paid more now asking if customers want to leave a tip as well leading to the question, is all this tipping really necessary? 

Leaving a tip at a restaurant, though usually not required unless gratuity is added to the bill was always usually about the customers experience, with the server ensuring customers were well taken care of, with their thought process being that they needed to make sure the customers enjoyed their time so they did leave a tip, helping the business as well with customers returning because of their positive experience.  

With other establishments now asking if customers would like to leave a tip for the service they are providing, it has created a new culture that has sparked this controversy that has affected people who depend on tips like myself and other servers with people now believing it is getting out of hand as I said before. 

According to the New York Times, servers getting paid a more fair and livable hourly wage will be out of the picture for the time being referencing the attempt to phase out tipping in Maine and Washington D.C. which voters voted against. 

Working in the restaurant industry myself and others see it as incredibly beneficial as a way to make money to provide for our families or like myself, get through college while also having a schedule that allows me, at least most of the time, to focus on my school and work towards my academic goals.  

The tipping system can be a fair system if customers are able to accept the fact that when dining at a restaurant or are being provided a service like Uber or Doordash tips are not only helpful but essential to our pay. So to those who do not seem it fair I offer some final statements.Tipping is not leaving so tip your servers at least 20 percent, they are working there for a reason. Tip baristas when you enjoy your experience and to remind them how you are grateful for their work and finally, understand the system and how tipping can be incredibly beneficial for every party involved.  

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About the Contributors
Adam Regalado
Adam Regalado, Multimedia Editor
Adam Regalado is a senior here at The University of Texas at El Paso studying multimedia journalism. Adam is the multimedia editor at The Prospector. Once he graduates, he plans to be a reporter for a news station in Texas while growing his platform and brand on social media promoting LGBTQ+ rights.
Dominique Macias
Dominique Macias, Contributor/Photographer
Dominique Macias is a junior majoring in media advertising minor in creative writing. She is a contributor at The Prospector. After graduation Dominique hopes to pursue a career in the media publishing world; as a photographer or writer.
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