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Are they actually with us? A quick dive into the new alien claims.


Within the last decade, humanity has become more comfortable with the idea of not being alone in this universe.  Instead of questioning whether extra-terrestrial life exists or not, we have started to question when the human race will actually come face to face with extra-terrestrial life.  Well, Mexico might have found an answer, and it seems like they have been here with us all along. Or have they? 

Mexico held a congressional hearing in which two “non-human corpses” were presented by journalist and “ufologist” Jaime Maussan Sept. 12 in Mexico City. The two small mummified corpses were allegedly found in Cusco, Peru in 2019. In this same hearing a video of 11 unidentified flying objects, or UFOs from the Mexican Air Force were shown, alongside many photos of other UFO sightings around the country. 

During the hearing, Maussan presented evidence proving these corpses contained non-human DNA; at least one-third of their DNA was unknown. The evidence presented was formed by multiple body scans and X-rays of these artifacts. The scans confirm the corpse’s anatomy didn’t correspond with human evolution, therefore making them non-human anomalies. 

“I think it’s skeptical because they look like we think aliens should look like, I think aliens look nothing like we have imagined them now,” said Victoria Perez, a student who had just heard about the news that morning. 

Regardless of the evidence presented, many question whether those corpses are real or not. Maussan’s credibility came to a downfall after being linked to debunked alien findings back in 2015, in which he claimed to find alien corpses but later on were discovered to be the remains of children. 

 Aside from skepticism, there are also people who believe this is the real thing. 

Cassandra Lopez, a firm believer in these artifacts being real, talks about why she believes in them. 

“Me and my dad were talking about it, and it just doesn’t make sense why people don’t really believe this, I mean why would they lie to us about this? If it wasn’t real why show them through the government,” Lopez said. 

While the public continues to debate how legitimate these claims are, scientists in the field find themselves also questioning whether this is real or not. Many do not trust Maussans’ claims since his debunked findings. 

Science communicator, video creator and entrepreneur Hank Green recently discussed the credibility of these findings through a TikTok video. 

“They look like they are molded by hand with clay to me.”Green said.  

He continues to question Maussans’ motivation to fake these findings and warns the public to be aware of his previously debunked findings. 

Whether these findings are real or not is still a question to be answered by the entire scientific community. Is it still too early to determine the legitimacy of these aliens?  Officials say we must wait until this evidence is reviewed by a trustworthy third party to come to a safe conclusion. 

 Until then we will continue to ask ourselves, who can we trust, and will we ever come face to face with the non-human race known as aliens? 

Ruth Urquiza is a contributor at The Prospector and can be reached at [email protected] 

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About the Contributor
Ruth Urquiza, Contributor/Reporter
Ruth Urquiza (Venus) is a currently a psychology major and a contributor at The Prospector. Venus loves to study astrology and sleep with their kitties.
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