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What is going on during concerts?


In a time where concerts are seen as a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch your favorite artists perform their best hits, it seems stupid to do anything to ruin the performance. So why is it that recently, concertgoers have taken it upon themselves to throw things on stage causing many artists to either be injured and/or stop the show entirely. 

In the most recent incident, Harry Styles was performing one of his last shows in Vienna when fans decided to throw objects on stage, visibly upsetting and injuring Styles. Granted, fans have thrown things in the past like boas, bracelets, glasses, or stuffed animals, but this unknown object seemed to cause enough pain for Styles to hold his eye while walking off stage. 

Just last month, a 27-year-old New Jersey man threw a cell phone on stage hitting singer Bebe Rexha, causing her to walk away with a black eye. Kelsea Ballerini was also a victim, as a bracelet thrown on stage hit her in the eye as well; although no big injury occurred, Ballerini left the stage but later came out to confront the situation to the audience. 

With this being a concern for artists now, Adele says she is even tired of concertgoers throwing things on stage; so much so she opened up about it in a recent ‘Weekends with Adele’ show in Las Vegas. 

“Have you noticed how people are like, forgetting [expletive] show etiquette at the moment? People just throwing [expletive] on stage, have you seen them?” she said. “I [expletive] dare you. Dare you to throw something at me and I’ll [expletive] kill you.” 

As an avid concertgoer, I find myself wondering why ‘fans’ think it’s necessary to throw things. These people are only putting the concert at risk of being stopped and therefore losing the money they paid to see the artist. Personally, I would be very upset if some idiot ruined the concert for me because they felt the need to hit Harry Styles in the eye with Skittles or a bracelet.  

Seeing how common this is, I don’t understand why it hasn’t stopped or why it just continues to happen. What do fans gain from injuring our favorite artists? It just shows that we do not appreciate them enough to give them the respect of not throwing things on stage.  

How can people continue to say they are a fan when they can’t even enjoy the concert? What is the need to throw a cell phone at someone’s face? That man didn’t even get a picture or a sentimental video with or of Bebe Rexha; all he got was an assault charge and the possibility of being banned from the venue. 

You gain nothing from injuring an artist who is just doing their job performing and doing their very best to give their all. So, to put it short and simple for anyone who still doesn’t understand the point of this story, DO NOT THROW THINGS AT PERFORMERS. This goes for singers, actors, and drag queens. 

Itzel Giron is the editor-in-chief and may be reached at [email protected]; @by.itzel.giron on Instagram; @itzel_anahi_16 on Twitter. 

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About the Contributor
Itzel Giron
Itzel Giron, Editor-in-chief
Itzel Giron is a senior multimedia journalism and creative writing student at UTEP. She started her journalistic career at The Prospector in the fall of 2021 as a staff reporter and is now editor-in-chief. Thanks to The Prospector and her tenacity, Itzel has had the opportunity to be an intern with KVIA Channel 7 at El Paso. Itzel is also a freelance journalist, and her work has been published in The City Magazine, Borderzine and Walsworth Yearbooks. After graduation, Itzel hopes to continue her passion of journalism by working in broadcast television reporting on politics, entertainment and news.
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