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Milan’s way into fashion

Milan is widely considered to be one of the fashion capitals of the world, alongside Paris, London, and New York City. Photo courtesy of Flickr/Ralf Steinberger

Editor’s Note: Those who were interviewed would prefer to only be referred to by first name. 

Fashion has been an important aspect of human culture for thousands of years and its history is rich and fascinating. Fashion is a way of expressing oneself through personal style and is often influenced by cultural, social and economic factors. Trends change constantly, with new styles and designs emerging every season making it a multi-billion-dollar industry that encompasses design, manufacturing, marketing and retailing.  

“I love the way fashion makes me feel comfortable in my own skin,” said UTEP student Danna. “I always try to wear something that expresses my emotions and my way of being since, in my opinion, clothing is one of the first things people notice, and I want them to see me the way I see myself.” 

Milan is widely considered to be one of the fashion capitals of the world, alongside Paris, London and New York City. Milan’s history in fashion dates back to the 1950s, after World War II when Italian fashion designers began to emerge as influential figures in the industry. The war heavily impacted the way people dressed to express themselves. It was not until the 1970s, Milan had its peak and became a fashion capital, but in 2009 the city was officially named and recognized as the fashion capital of the world. Even before that, Milan influenced fashion on a local level.  

Milan Fashion Week is one of the most important fashion events in the world, where designers showcase their collections for the upcoming season. The event is held twice a year, in February or March andSeptember or October,depending on the seasonal collection. It’s these fashion week shows that attracts fashion industry professionals and celebrities from around the world to attend. The first Milan Fashion Week was held in 1958 and since then, more and more designers have emerged with the dream of putting together a fashion show in the fabulous city of Milan. 

Many of the world’s most renowned fashion houses are based in Milan, including Gucci, Prada, Versace, Armani, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana among many others. Milan is also home to numerous fashion schools and institutions, such as Istituto Marangoni International and
Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) 

“When I think of big fashion cities, I think of Milan” said UTEP student, Alexa. “Don’t get me wrong, Paris and New York are also very fashionable cities, but Milan has something special that makes it stand out.” 

Overall, fashion is a significant aspect of Milan’s culture and economy and the city continues to be a major hub for the fashion industry.  

Angelica Gutierrez is a contributor and may be reached at [email protected] 


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About the Contributor
Angelica Gutierrez
Angelica Gutierrez, Contributor/Reporter
Angelica Gutierrez is a sophomore at the University of Texas at El Paso majoring in digital media production and minoring in film. She is a contributor for The Prospector. She wants to integrate into the film industry as a writer and director.
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Milan’s way into fashion