The best of both worlds: Eden Coffee X Thrift


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Eden Coffee X Thrift make an appearance at Good Times at 2626, March 25.

Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter

Editor’s Note: This is the second part in a three-part series.  

Isaac Perales never imagined he would be running a side business including two of his favorite things: thrifting and coffee. After being involved with thrifting for a little over a year he decided to start his own thrifting business while maintaining his job as a barista. It was not until recently though that his company went through a major change. Coffee would be the new addition to his newly renamed business, Eden Coffee X Thrift. 

Perales started thrifting on his own around two years ago. Before, he would shop at retail chains and other stores before discovering local thrift shops. It was in these stores where he found his new sense of style and before he knew it, entered the thrifting business.  

“I used to shop at (stores like) H&M, but now I can find better stuff, clothes that are worth (something) within my own thrift stores,” Perales said. “I think clothing is very fun, I guess, especially when it comes to the vintage (clothing).”  

Fashion has always interested Perales and it was thrifting that gave him the motivation to dress freely and express himself. Prior to thrifting, Perales never had a clear way to express his interest in fashion.  

It was not until he started shopping at local thrift and vintage shops that he could start to exercise his interest in fashion.  

“I believe that the fashion industry is just something that’s so remarkable,” Perales said. “I feel like it tells a lot about a person based on the clothing that they’re wearing. I feel clothing is a form of expression. You can really tell a lot about a person based on how they’re dressed. But at a certain point, being able to dress freely based on what you like to wear, colors that you like to wear and stuff like that is very important.”  

His newfound passion for thrifting led him to establish his business, Five Minute Thrift Trips in November 2021.  

For a while, his business was strictly clothing related. It was not until earlier this year he decided to incorporate coffee in his originally fashion based business venture.  

“I think that a thrifting business selling coffee would be socially favorable,” said Kaylee Corral, a senior at Americas High School. “I’ve always appreciated that places like Target and Albertson’s have a Starbucks inside of them. I find it very convenient. I know many people who enjoy thrifting for fun along with trying new places, and it’s because of this that I believe a place that has both coffee and shopping will be (successful).”  

A lover of coffee, Perales decided to take this love to the next level by buying an espresso machine, which he would eventually use to expand his thrifting business.  

“I actually bought an espresso machine for my house and for refreshments,” Perales said. “Those things are really expensive. So, I wanted this machine to pay itself off. That’s when I started selling coffees and stuff like that. When I decided to start growing as a business, this (was) my (new) goal. So, sometimes at our markets (we) will set up (the) little espresso machine and we’ll sell coffees.”  

After it was decided that he would start selling coffee with his clothing products, Perales decided to rename his business to Eden Coffee X Thrift. Accompanying his business’ rebranding, Perales also has hopes to see his business grow with time.   

“I feel like everybody’s goal when starting a small business is to grow. Our goal for the business is to have a little coffee shop and have vintage clothes. It’s going to be a hybrid. That’s what we hope for the future,” Perales said. “I’ve always believed that if I’m going to do anything, I’m going to do it to glorify God. Eden goes back to Adam and Eve. I think it’s so impressive how they were kicked out of Eden because of their (imperfection). Our whole motto of our business is ‘You don’t have to be perfect to be here.”  

As the business does not have a set location, you can follow the business’s Instagram to see where they will pop up next. 

Elisha Nuñez is a staff reporter and can be reached through [email protected]