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We are the future, we are the ‘somebodies’


I developed a good understanding of where I stood in the world at a fairly young age. I was taught by society to brush off the way that boys tease and I was taught to like it. I was taught that I could do anything I wanted but was then reminded to expect that men could do it 1000 times better.    

I was taught by society that people could demean women all they wanted and that we were still expected to fulfill our role in their system regardless.   

I never liked those sentiments, though. The world has never been set in our favor, but history has proven that we constantly exceed expectations and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.    

Women are the backbone of our society. We are mothers, sisters, friends and mentors.  

We are also activists, scientists, doctors, homemakers, managers, writers, lawyers, engineers and so much more.  

We break academic boundaries and present new knowledge and contributions to fields across the globe. We are creative and curious; we seek answers and solutions to problems that seem unsolvable.   

When I think of women, I love who embodies this, I picture my mom. I see the work she does not only for our home and for our family, but as an educator. She spends her days teaching kids the essential things they will need to build a life for themselves and their community.  

I think of my aunt who works by getting kids their lunch every day and how she is feeding the future. I also think of my grandma who worked tirelessly to provide a safe and loving home not only for her kids but my brother and I as well.   

Women have community and solidarity too.  

We look out for ourselves because no one else will. There is power in the bonds that we can form with one another. 

 I have made some of the most meaningful relationships and friendships with the women who came into my life when I needed them most.   

I have a friend who has shown me strength in softness. She has taught me that there is braveness in tears and unconditional love. 

 Another close friend has shown me how to fight for my dreams regardless of how difficult achieving them may be.  

I have friends who have held me while I cried and celebrated with me through my successes.  

My best friend especially, has shown me the power that friendships between women can possess. 

 We have been in each other’s lives for over a decade and the amount of love and respect we have for one another has only grown with each passing year.   

Women change the world. We are at the forefront of movements regarding climate change, education, civil rights, disability advocacy, gun violence, bodily autonomy and everything in between. Malala Yousafzai, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg are just a few examples of women who have fought for our wellbeing and exist as great role models for the generations following them.   

Women are also present in the art that has colored history for centuries. We exist in sculptures and paintings and songs and poems, but we do not only exist to be a muse. 

 We are multifaceted, we contain multitudes. We are the song and the singer, the poem and the poet, the sculpture and the sculptor.  

It is like Daisy Jones (Riley Keough) remarks in the new “Daisy Jones & the Six” show, “I’m not the muse, okay? I’m the somebody.”    


Meagan Garcia is the arts & culture editor and may be reached at [email protected]. 

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About the Contributor
Meagan Elizabeth García
Meagan Elizabeth García, Arts & Culture Editor
Meagan Elizabeth García is the arts and culture for The Prospector. She is a senior, majoring in mechanical engineering at UTEP. She is also the vice-president for the Creative Writing Society with hopes of continuing a writing career while also working for NASA as an engineer.
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We are the future, we are the ‘somebodies’