‘Boy Meets Congress’: Why are celebrities becoming politicians?


Fatima Alvarado, Designer

Only a few weeks ago, Ben Savage, former “Boy Meets World” star announced he is running for a seat in congress. Savage hopes to take the 30th district seat currently held by Representative Adam Schiff in the 2024 election. The real question is, why are all these celebrities deciding to be politicians? 

From Hollywood to the Oval Office with former President Ronald Reagan all the way to the Kanye 2020 campaign, these celebrities were tired of red carpets and instead wanted to have one of the most powerful positions in the Nation. Although many may have forgotten, Reagan had served his fame as an actor from the late 1930s to the early 1960s. As the 40th president of the United States, he brought voters in with the well-known charm he portrayed in films. Reagan seemed to set this idea of being able to come from a working set to making more serious decisions for a whole country. 

It seems Reagan’s charm did not pass on to everyone, especially the 1994 New York Gubernatorial candidate, Howard Stern. Stern has a clear past of being a rather intimidating individual with his talk show “Howard Stern,” where he crossed the line with most of his guests by degrading their careers or looks. So, what would make Stern the leading candidate for Governor that year? According to Reason Magazine Stern made three promises; reinstate the death penalty, stagger tolls to reduce traffic and carry out road work through the night. Though he did drop his bid, Stern made it to the list of stars who did not reach office. 

We then have the infamous Donald Trump, who not only became the 45th President but was well known for being a businessperson on his show “The Apprentice.” After running and winning the 2016 election with his “Make America Great Again” slogan, Donald Trump showed his lack of knowledge and skills in running a country. Though many believed his skills in running businesses would help create a better economy. With many falls that Trump took, including being the first president to be impeached twice while in office, his loss in his attempt at a second term in 2020 became not only one of the most freeing victories for half the country, but outrageous for the other half. After his term, Trump led a group of people who then made history by raiding the capitol on Jan. 6, 2020. Thankfully, many had seen the effects of having someone who has been in the public eye for so long portraying a tough businessperson running the nation. 

The most memorable campaign made, being Kanye West with his 2020 presidential campaign. After entering the race as independent, West had held his most famous rally in North Charleston, South Carolina, according to Fox News. Many filmed a big mental breakdown where he exposed his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and revealed secrets about his children. So of course, that may be his idea of what Americans needed at that time, a clearly unstable individual unwilling help. Though he still had multiple supporters behind him after the blowout, West did not make it to the oval office that year but plans to continue his campaign in the 2024 election. 

So, what makes someone whose character raise many of us, Cory Matthews, believe he can run for such a prominent position of power and change our future? Will Ben Savage continue his campaign and prove that being a celebrity has nothing to do with having the skill and knowledge to run for congress against multiple people who have been preparing for this position their whole life? Or will the ‘Ye’ effect take over his campaign?  

Fatima Alvarado is the designer and may be reached at [email protected]