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Movies for the mid season mood

“Space Jam” starring Michael Jordan, is a great family movie that has both the love of basketball and childhood nostalgia by combining the sport with the popular cartoon “Looney Tunes.” Photo courtesy of Ernesto Ruvalcaba/Wikipedia Commons

In the heat of basketball season it is time to dive back into everything basketball. From rewatching games to podcasts to TV or movies, fans everywhere are preparing for the current season. There are plenty of basketball films out there for lovers of the sport who wish to watch something else on top of the scheduled games. From romances to inspiring stories, here is a list of the top basketball movies to watch before the season ends. 

Space Jam

Starting off our list is a movie that most likely was a part of your childhood. Michael Jordan facing off against alien villains on the court alongside our favorite Looney Tunes characters is a great blend of things to interest both adults and kids. This movie is for everyone, which means basketball lovers and kids can watch. Even kids who like basketball and adults who like Looney Tunes are welcome to watch.  

The Way Back 

Starring Ben Affleck, this movie is a story about a washed-up man, Jack Cunningham, who is stuck reminiscing his high school basketball days. Stuck in a job he hates while battling an alcohol addiction, Cunningham is offered a break when he begins to coach the basketball team for his alma mater. Given a chance to redeem himself after spending years in disrepair, Cunningham’s character arc gives viewers a feeling of satisfaction by the ending. Being one of the more inspiring stories on this list, “The Way Back” is a movie to watch if you love basketball and some melodrama. 

Like Mike 

Another movie that may have made your childhood, “Like Mike” is a fun and nostalgic movie for those of you who stayed inside school to watch whatever DVDs your old P.E. coach had during inclement weather. A movie that can cater to a younger audience as well, “Like Mike” is a fun flick that combines comedy with sports. The film centers around a young orphan, Calvin Cambridge, who somehow gets a pair of sneakers that once belonged to Michael Jordan. Afterward, he becomes an unstoppable basketball star, which puts him on a path with Tracy Reynolds; a star player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, who takes Calvin under his wing. What ensues is a story of friendship, family, difficulties, all centered around one of America’s favorite sports. 


A classic from the 80s, this Academy Award nominated and Library of Congress preserved movie is nothing short of spectacular. Taking place in the 50s, a failed college basketball coach, Norman Dale, gets a shot at proving himself through a local high school basketball program. Accompanied by a local drunk and a new romance with a teacher, Dale trains his small team hard enough so they can win the state championship. If you grew up in the 80s, like basketball, or both, then “Hoosiers” is a great movie to watch before basketball season ends. 

Glory Road

Now, the movie you have probably been waiting for. A retelling of the events that led to UTEP’s (then Texas Western College) victory at the 1966 NCAA Championship, this film explores themes of racism and challenging work for student athletics. Starring Josh Lucas as Coach Don Haskins, this film brings back important history in college sports, more importantly the history of UTEP that changed college basketball forever. Whether it is the NBA or university sports you like, this movie is one to watch for all basketball lovers and Miners. 

Elisha Nuñez is a staff reporter and may be reached at [email protected] 


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Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter
Elisha Nuñez is a multimedia journalism student with a minor in marketing at the University of Texas at El Paso.  He works as a reporter for The Prospector, and loves to write about arts, culture, and people. This semester, he wishes to do more freelance work for publications in and outside of El Paso. After graduation, he would like to experience multiple positions at different places, and even has plans for continuing his current education outside of the U.S.
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Movies for the mid season mood