Best gifts for future graduates


Jasmin Campoya

As the end of the semester comes to an end, graduation season begins and there are many great gifts to celebrate such a big accomplishment.

Angelica Gutierrez, Contributor

Graduation season is just getting started. Some students are relieved they are finally leaving, some are stressed because of final exams, and others are unsure of what to do after graduation.  

However, many senior students are looking forward to receiving graduation gifts.   

After asking around campus, the gift that got the best ratings and comments were gift cards to their favorite store. It could be a clothing store, technology, makeup, food or coffee shop. It depends on the type of person the grad student is. The gift card is usually the most anticipated gift because it is convenient, and students have already spent so much money on college that free stuff is a treat.   

Another grad student’s acclaimed gift is personalized jewelry. Personalized could mean the graduation date, year of the student, or something related to their major. Necklaces, bracelets and rings are very much appreciated by grads, not only because they look pretty and are expensive, but because it is a nice reward for the effort they put into their college life and the outcome of it.  

A good gift also depends on the student’s major. For example, if they are mechanical engineers, they might like to get scale models of cars, planes, trains and so on. If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who graduated from nursing or is entering medical school, an espresso machine might be the best gift for them. Everyone knows the significance of coffee as a source of energy for healthcare professionals.   

The most common gift for grads though, is a flower arrangement. It is a sweet gesture, and the students can take nice photos with it.   

If we talk about more expensive gifts, a new computer or smartphone are a great option.  

After years of using the same devices, students may want to have the best start of their professional life by not wasting any out-of-pocket money for an upgrade.   

The dream for a lot of grad students is to have an amazing vacation after finishing stressful years of college, so an all paid for trip would be a fantastic gift for someone who just graduated and needs the rest.  

It also gives the opportunity to explore new places and relax for a little bit before their professional life begins.  

The fall semester is coming to an end and many students are looking forward to it, especially those graduating this winter.  

After a considerable list of different gift options, graduate students will be thrilled to know that their graduation might be filled by thoughtful gifts worth the effort they put in throughout college.   

Angelica Gutierrez is a contributor and may be reached at [email protected]