Best dinner spots to celebrate grads


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Anson Eleven, located on Anson Mills, 303 N Oregon St. Includes a bistro side and a fine dining side, perfect for graduation celebrations.

Elisha Nuñez, Staff Reporter

As the fall semester ends, soon-to-be graduates are preparing to walk the stage and celebrate with their loved ones afterwards. El Paso has a fair share of high-end and inviting restaurants, perfect for celebrating such an achievement. From old-style cantina restaurants to country themed places, this list gives a glimpse at the various restaurants perfect for celebrating a graduation.  

Cattleman’s Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch  

Receiving acclaim from local and national magazines, Cattleman’s Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch has gained a notable reputation since its opening in 1973.  

For all those who have been there, you would know that it is actually not in El Paso, but in Fabens. About 30 minutes outside of El Paso City limits, the road to the restaurant is smooth and scenic. Be wary of long lines though, as the restaurant gets busy over the weekends. Famous for its steak, this restaurant also has options of seafood and desserts as well. If you are looking for a restaurant with scenic views, a ranch with animals you can visit and feed, or good steak, make sure to visit Cattleman’s for your celebration.  

Anson 11  

Located in one of the most iconic buildings in El Paso, Anson 11 has established itself as one of El Paso’s best restaurants. On the bottom floors of the Anson Mills Building is the restaurant, complete with a bar, outside seating, and a second floor, each of which overlook San Jacinto Plaza right across the street. The restaurant has two sides, a bistro side, which is the bottom floor of the restaurant, and a side dedicated to fine dining experience, which takes up the second floor of the restaurant. Whether you are looking to celebrate in a casual setting or an upscale environment, Anson 11 and its two varieties of food options is another great local restaurant to go to.  

State Line  

Another entry on this list that offers great West Texas barbeque in a wild west setting is State Line. Located at Sunland Park, on the boundary separating Texas and New Mexico, State Line is a great example of old-fashioned food in the Borderland. Formed by a group of Texans who admired Austin-style barbecue, the restaurant chain to which it belongs to, The County Line Barbeque, opened in 1975. It is still a major hit in Texas and New Mexico. With locations sprawled across the states, State Line in El Paso is one people love to go to. With outdoor seating, an old-fashioned looking bar, and dining rooms inside, this spot is perfect for a graduation celebration.  

With a menu that goes from baby back ribs to savory sausage links, get ready to eat your fair-share of good Texas barbecue when you come to this western themed restaurant.  

L & J Café  

One of the oldest restaurants in El Paso, L & J Café, or The Old Place by The Graveyard, is an icon of the city’s food culture. Established in 1927 under the name “Tony’s Place,” this family-kept restaurant is still operating today, offering delicious home-cooked Mexican food. Their menu is filled with the community’s familiar favorites, not just Tex-Mex food. Chile rellenos and entomatada plates are just a few of the various options that L & J’s offers, making it a great place to go out with your loved ones to enjoy a celebration. If you want some drinks, the restaurant also has a bar where you can order local favorites.  

Café Central  

Arguably the most luxurious restaurant destination in all of El Paso, Café Central is continuing a legacy that began in 1918. It is one of the oldest continually operated restaurants in the region, this downtown spot has made a mark, getting word in The New York Times and Travel + Leisure.  

The restaurant offers private dining, allowing guests to celebrate together with their own experience. With a brunch, lunch and dinner menu, Café Central has a variety of high-end foods for people to try and enjoy.  

From escargot to lamb for dinner, or crème brûlée to tres leches for dessert, Café Central has long established itself as an unforgettable dining experience for all to share.   

El Paso has a wide range of restaurants for graduates and their loved ones to celebrate the occasion depending on everyone’s price range and favorite food style.  

Elisha Nunez is a staff reporter and may be reached at [email protected]