Spooky Moon Music Festival: the first of many to come to El Paso


Alberto Silva Fernandez

Oskar Callejas or INDAZE performs at Spooky Moon fest Oct. 29 at Ascarate park.

Josie Avila, Audience & Engagement Editor

The Spooky Moon Music Festival took place Saturday, Oct. 29, at Ascarate Park. Not only was this a pioneering event for El Paso rave-goers, but for music festival enthusiasts as well,  

Quattro Hermanos formed in August of this year and is named after three brothers and their long-time friend, all born and raised in El Paso.  

“We all love music festivals and electronic music,” said Quattro Hermanos co-founder, Dante Grissom.  

According to Grissom, the Quattro Hermanos’ love for music inspired them to host the large-scale Spooky Moon Music Festival. The festival showcased a lineup of international EDM music DJs, including GRYFFIN, AUDIEN and GHASTLY.  

“For us, we want to bring more entertainment to El Paso,” Grissom said. “There have been festivals in the past that have been successful and people have grown to support them, and we want to provide another avenue of entertainment.” 

Spooky Moon had Halloween inflatables, food trucks and fireworks. Another feature that made Spooky Moon groundbreaking was El Paso’s first-time-ever drone light shows. Each show displayed different colorful shapes in the sky, such as a butterfly flapping its wings, an astronaut walking and more.  

The drone light shows are one of Quattro Hermanos’ creative ways to add its own twist and style to classic music festivals. Its overall goal is to brand itself by creating new and unique sources of entertainment for El Paso that people can grow to love and support.  

The attendance turnout was significant for a first-time festival like this in the city.  

“There is a vision, and this was the first one. We feel accomplished with getting so many people to show up and support,” Grissom said.   

If you attended and loved this event or were unable to attend but wish you had, the Quattro Hermanos plan on having a sequel next Halloween. It is focused on growing its brand and eventually hosting multiple festivals a year, including one coming up in the spring. 

Josie Avila is the audience and engagement editor and can be reached at [email protected]; Joseline Avila on LinkedIn.