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Which alternate NFL uniforms are runway ready?


After the long-anticipated rule change in 2021 by the National Football League (NFL), teams around the league are ready to showcase its new alternate uniforms. Some are admittedly duds, but others offer a fresh new take on some classic uniforms. The main takeaway this year is the fact that the NFL has loosened restrictions limiting different helmets throughout the season. Here is my ranking of the 2022-2023 NFL alternate uniforms. 

Last: New York Jets, Philidelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers and Washington Commanders 

It seems like all these teams bought these uniform concepts in bulk. The sheer unoriginality of making an all-black uniform this season is quite upsetting. Sure, the uniforms are good in a vacuum, but seeing the same premise several times in a year can and will get tiring. The Pittsburgh Steelers have an all-black get up, but that uniform works because it is rooted in the team’s history.  

The Jets used its existing black color rush uniforms and made the helmet black. There is not much else to say about the uniforms. Maybe a throwback uniform would have been the better choice. Something about seeing Jets quarterback Zach Wilson in the same uniform as Hall of Famer Joe Namith could have been poetic. 

The Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals will both use its existing all-black color rush uniforms and a black and colored paint job that looks like a nice car paint job. The Carolina Panthers are the worst offenders of the all-black bandwagon simply making its helmets black on its away kit. These changes are not bad, just unoriginal. 

The Washington Commanders are coming off a controversial rebranding, which forced the team to make an interim name change for two seasons. Along with the rebrand came a new set of uniforms that look straight out of a junior college locker room. The home and away packages are not on this list as they are the main looks of the Commanders. The alternate package, however, will not escape criticism. 

The look features a black helmet with the “brand new” Washington logo smack dab in the center of the helmet and the player’s number in yellow with a red outline on the side. The jersey itself features two patches that look to be inspired by military uniforms on the sleeves including a stencil font for the jersey numbers and player names. To finish it all off is a pair of black pants simply displaying a yellow Nike logo and a NFL shield on the thighs. 

Although these uniforms are palatable, there is no reason to be excited about them as they look like a default kit Madden developers created for franchise mode.  

9. Chicago Bears 

The Chicago Bears have continued to disappoint over the years. From losing to the Eagles thanks to a double-doink field goal to simply having Matt Nagy as its head coach, the Bears fan base needed a simple breath of fresh air. Chicago, however, could not come close to fulfilling that requirement after releasing its alternate uniform for the NFL season.  

In a low effort attempt, the Bears simply decided to use a matte orange helmet. The helmet itself was not the issue, although the shade of orange does not match the jersey. The problem lies with the head scratching decision to make the Bears logo blue. As a UTEP Miner myself, I find it hard to see an orange base for a uniform executed successfully.  

It can be done, take UTEP’s Texas Western throwback package, but the Bears alternate look does not work. Not to mention the decision to use an existing uniform and simply replace the helmet is lazy. That practice will be an unfortunate pattern throughout this list. 

8. Houston Texans 

The young Texans will be playing a game in a red helmet. This is a franchise first, having only played exclusively in the dark blue lids in the past. The only problem is the fact that the helmet is paired with the red alternate uniforms that we have seen in the past. With that being said, the change is quite pleasing, justifying the indolence. 

7. New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints decided to take a traditional approach to redesigning its helmets. A shiny black helmet with small Saints logos running across the middle helmet forming a triangle. Unfortunately, the best part of this kit was the helmets. The jerseys are the Saints’ existing color rush uniform and offer nothing too new. 

6. Dallas Cowboys (Arctic)

The Dallas Cowboys will sport two alternate kits this season. The lesser of the two being the “Arctic Cowboys” look, which simply features the existing white color rush jerseys and pants but with an all-white helmet and the iconic blue star on the sides. The look is great, but points are knocked due to the reuse of old jerseys. Thankfully, it is not an all-black uniform. 

5. New England Patriots

The New England Patriots decided to take a step back in time and bring back its retro red uniforms. This alternate look consists of white pants, and a red jersey featuring white numbers outlined by royal blue and white helmets with the team’s mascot Patriot Pat. This package is a good look into the past with the Patriots’ social media team even posting a video where players take a ride back in time thanks to the iconic Delorian from the hit film franchise “Back to Future.” 

4. New York Giants

The New York Giants brought back its 1989-1990 uniforms in a graceful manner. The solid royal blue jerseys feature white letters with a red outline. On the back, you have the players’ names in classy white text. The pants are white with a red and blue stripe on the sides. The helmets are blue with a white face mask, a red and white stripe through the middle and the Giants throwback logo. This kit is a masterclass on what to do with the opportunity the NFL presented.  

3. Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons came flying hard with this throwback kit. Its helmets are a bright red with a black, gold and white stripe and a grey facemask. The team’s old Falcon logo is on the side of the helmet, which will be paired with the team’s 1966 throwback jersey, pants and socks. The historic look will be a sight for sore eyes after the Falcons have struggled to perform this season.

2. Dallas Cowboys 

The Dallas Cowboys are also bringing back its iconic throwback uniforms that have not been seen since 2011. The dark blue uniform has white sleeves with a simple blue star on the shoulders. The front and back numbers are white with the player’s name in blue. The helmet is white with a blue and white stripe on top and the iconic star plastered on the side. Beautiful and historic, the Cowboys knocked this alternate kit out of the park.

1. Cincinnati Bengals

By far the best uniform from the 2022 season, the Cincinnati Bengals brought out an all-white uniform with black accents throughout the kit. The Nike logos on the pants and on both sleeves are orange and the outline on the players’ name is also orange. This look is simply the cleanest-looking package this season. It is a simple and straightforward uniform that also solves a fan problem. The jersey is the Bengals old color rush uniform that was paired with the old orange and black helmet. The current white and black helmet makes the look streamlined and concise. Great choices were made within the Bengals organization for this season. 

Emmanuel Rivas Valenzuela is the sports editor and may be reached at [email protected]: @rivasemmanuel2 on Instagram. 

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Which alternate NFL uniforms are runway ready?