Chase shadows of the night on a trolley


Alberto Silva Fernandez

Two men dressed in cowboy attire pose for a picture Oct. 14 before the haunted trolly tour.

Alyson Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

When haunted cities in America are mentioned, people tend to think about New Orleans, Louisiana; Salem, Massachusetts; Washington D.C. and other big cities with rich paranormal history. Not many people know that the Sun City also has many ghosts and ghouls roaming around the streets. 

Ghosts915 is teaming up with the Downtown El Paso trolley system team to present free ghost tours during the month of October to celebrate the Halloween season.  

The historically haunted trolley ghost tour takes attendees on a ghostly adventure through the downtown district where viewers get to experience El Paso like they never have before.  

The haunted trolly tour begins at the El Paso Convention and Performing Art Center trolley stop located at 1 Civic, C St. 

After attendees are picked up from there, the trolley then makes its way around the downtown district, stopping at places that include San Jacinto Plaza, City Hall, El Paso County Courthouse and other haunted hotspots. 

“I’m not originally from El Paso so I love learning about El Paso history and especially learning about the local ghost stories,” said senior kinesiology major Tristan Rodriguez. “I had no idea that the city had this awesome haunted trolley tour during the month of October. I’m definitely going to invite my friends with me so we can go before the month ends.” 

Just in time for the Halloween season, the tour consists of history, legends and lore of the downtown district. People who attend will get to learn stories about what El Paso was like back when it was the Old West.  

Instead of tall buildings like West Star and Wells Fargo taking over the skyline, there were saloons and brothels at every corner. 

Cowboys would shoot each other down in the streets during their duels, and the ghosts of their victims are said to still haunt the streets to this day looking for revenge against their enemies.  

Besides learning about the outlaws and gunslingers who once ruled the town, participants will also learn about the unique paranormal experiences that occur Downtown as well. Shadows of dark-winged figures and tall, dark figures with no face lurk around each corner. If visitors are not careful, they could come face to face with one of these supernatural creatures.  

“I’ve always loved the downtown district because of all of the old buildings,” said Sofia Gutierrez, junior in criminal justice. “I want to go with my boyfriend on this tour so we can learn about all of the downtown history, both historical and supernatural.” 

Some other scary hotspots that the tour covers include the Plaza Theatre, the Plaza Hotel and the Hotel Paso Del Norte.  

Each building with its own unique and rich history. Many tragic events have occurred in this area and the spirits of the tortured souls are said to have never left. 

The intersection of El Paso Street and San Antonio Avenue was once known as the deadliest intersection in the west due to the large number of gunfights that occurred there. One of these gunfights included the four dead in a five second gun fight.  

Ghosts915 hosts many other tours and events during the month of October. Such events include the Sunset Heights Ghost Walk and the Downtown Trick-or-Treat.  

The last tour takes place Oct. 21. To sign up to attend one of the Haunted Trolley tours, visit and search Frightful Fridays with Ghosts915 and the El Paso Streetcar.  

The tour is free for all attendees, and it occurs every Friday night during the month of October from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  

Alyson Rodriguez is a staff reporter and may be reached at [email protected]; @alyson_rod1127 on Twitter.