New Love Letters in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month in El Paso


Annabella Mireles

The “EP” letters located in San Jacinto Plaza have been changed in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Sophia Villalobos, Contributor

The City of El Paso is displaying a new art installation at San Jacinto Plaza, 114 W Mills Ave., dedicated to Hispanic Heritage Month.  

Hispanic Heritage Month has been celebrated from Sep. 15 through Oct. 15 every year since 1988 when it was enacted into law by President Ronald Regan. This celebration honors and recognizes the cultures and contributions of Latin Americans in the United States.  

This month’s letters are covered in a pattern of “papel picado,” a Mexican decorative made by cutting designs into colorful paper.   

The “EP” letters, along with a star, are displayed on the Mesa Street side of the plaza.  

The Love Letters campaign was an initiative of “Visit El Paso” to promote unity in our community. The campaign aims to blend El Paso, New Mexico and Ciudad Juárez’s traditions and cultures. 

“With the installation of the Love Letters, El Paso will have a physical symbol to take pride in when recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month. The letters acknowledge Hispanic Heritage through an artistic display that can be shared with the community,” said José García, president and CEO of Destination El Paso in a press release. 

Previously, Love Letters were installed in celebration of Black History Month and Pride Month. The letters recognize intersectionality and serve as a space for El Pasoans and visitors to take pictures.  

The display of the letters represents the Hispanic community from all over the nation.  

“I love being able to celebrate our traditions, give a little insight on our values and share our culture with others” said Marleen Chavarría, a UTEP student from Wyoming who recently moved to El Paso. 


Sophia Villalobos is a contributor and can be reached at [email protected]