“El Paso’s Finest” hosts local artwork from across the city


Jasmin Campoya

El Paso’s Finest is a small shop in Downtown El Paso filled with work from local artists and businesses.

Jasmin Campoya, Photographer

El Paso is the heart and home of art for local artists. From graphic designers to painters and photographers, located at 314 N. Mesa St., El Paso’s Finest welcomes multiple talented individuals to sell art. Founder of El Paso’s Finest and local photographer Ruben Gómez opened the store in 2017.  

“As an artist myself, I started at the farmer’s market and have dealt with people who know more about business rather than art,” Gómez said. “I wanted to build something ran by an artist, for artists.” 

In early September, El Paso’s Finest celebrated its five-year anniversary of supporting the local artist community. The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday and encourages the people of El Paso to come support the creative community of our city.  

“I became interested in having my art shown somewhere,” said Vanessa Clark, a graphic designer and mixed media artist. “As an artist, El Paso’s Finest gives me a bigger platform for the people of El Paso to get to know my art.” 

Changing the artists quarterly keeps customers of El Paso’s Finest wanting more and expands the collective of artists in the shop. Items like postcards, prints, canvases, coasters and more are sold to add vibrance to your home or office.  

“We have about five permanent artists within the shop,” Gómez said. “Besides our permanent artists, we try to rotate other artists as much as we can and try to keep it fresh for our customers.” 

In addition to amazing artwork, El Paso’s Finest also hosts some small events downtown. The store has live painting sessions with the artists and welcomes the community to get to know the artists through these classes. It also has many themed art shows for community involvement and for local residents to show their work to the city.  

“As a shop, we are trying to have a collective of artists to travel and do shows outside of the city,” Gómez said. “We would love for our artists to represent the store and represent our city somewhere else.” 

For information follow them on Instagram at @shopepfinest and visit shopepfinest.com.  

Jasmin Campoya is a staff photographer and can be reached at [email protected]