Goodbye The Prospector and hello New York


Anahy Diaz, Multimedia Editor

It would be difficult to summarize in 500-700 words the ways in which The Prospector has changed my life, personally and professionally. However, as I reflect back to my time with the publication I cannot help but think my journey has been a compilation of goodbyes and hellos, just like Paulo Coelho author of the The Alchemist once said:

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

I said goodbye to my reporter position at The Prospector in 2019 to say hello to the position of copy editor. I said goodbye to copy editor to say hello to editor-in-chief in the spring of 2021. I said goodbye to the leadership role to say hello to three semesters of internships with NBC.

Change is not easy. It puts your values to the test and makes it clear the possibility of failing is just as high as the possibility of you succeeding. It is a fear I will never conquer, but I know I will always have to face. The Prospector, along with Veronica Gonzalez, Tracy Roy, Isabel Castillo, Amy Bocanegra, Kate Gannon and Angela Kocherga, has taught me the best way to minimize this fear is by enhancing my professional skills and focusing on solutions.

It taught me these lessons by lending me the opportunity to cover exciting events like Cher’s “Here We Go Again” tour and interviewing local business owners reinventing attractions in El Paso. It also prepared me to face difficult events, putting my understanding of ethical journalism to the test, such as covering the El Paso Walmart shooting and multiple Black Lives Matter movement protests. Each experience reinforced my passion for journalism and my commitment to writing honest and accurate news rooted in humanity.

Along the way I have also had to say goodbye and hello to journalists I am proud to call friends. I said goodbye to outstanding individuals like Victoria Almaguer, Glenda Avalos, Marisol Chavez, Bryan Mena, Valeria Olivares and Paulina Spencer. I said hello to inspiring new faces like Alberto Silva Fernandez, Itzel Giron, Maria Guerrero, Hugo Hinojosa, Annabella Mireles, Victoria Rivas, Alyson Rodriguez, Kristen Scheaffer, Daniel Lopez, Julia Lucero, Emily Autumn Velasquez and Katrina Villarreal. As long as journalists like them exist, I know our community’s voices and stories are in good hands.

I hope to make The Prospector, UTEP, El Paso and my family proud as I say hello to the NBC Page Program in New York City. I feel lucky to be surrounded by indi-viduals and places that make saying goodbye and hello a beautifully difficult challenge.

So with all the courage I can master, goodbye Prospector and here’s to hoping life continues blessing me with equally as adventurous hellos as the ones you gave me.

Anahy Diaz is the multimedia editor and may be reached at [email protected]; @by_anahydiaz on Twitter and Instagram.