UTEP spring football comes to an end


Roman P. Carr

Over 1,000 fans attended the “Spring Showcase” on April 8 as the football team finished up its Spring season. The Miners will return for their fall season Aug. 27.

Daniel Alec Lopez, Staff Reporter

The UTEP men’s football team wrapped up spring ball on April 8 at Sun Bowl Stadium, in front of a live crowd of over 1,000 people.

The Miners were productive in trying to polish for the 2022-2023 season.

Head Coach Dana Dimel had his thoughts on the team’s practice and the kind of workout it produced.

“We had a nice workout today. We couldn’t have had a more beautiful night for the fans and players,” Dimel said. “We got a lot of work done and it’s fun for fans to get out and see the mechanics of how we work and what we’re trying to get done at practice. I feel like there’s a lot more to watch to this than a spring game,” Dimel said in a press conference on April 8.

Dimel also mentioned how they used this opportunity to help their players, old and new, grow.

“We did a lot of different things, and our big thrust was to get the new guys some work. I feel like they all improved a great deal from the reps they got. I feel like they’ll take it in, digest it and take it into the summer and fall camp. I noticed how our older guys have worked at a higher level which was really impressive for me as football coach. It’s important for me to see them take their games to the next level.”

Most of this practice was just the team running drills and practicing plays that they intend to use for this upcoming season. However, they were able to run some plays they have been working on.

On offense and defense, the Miners were able to also get some work in and try to sharpen their craft. Because it was not a live scrimmage with actual tackling, the Miners worked on situations and how they would try to execute the play in a certain scenario.

Junior quarterback Gavin Hardison and the offense were executing plays and trying to get on the same page. Veteran receivers and new receivers were working to get on the same page as Hardison and establish chemistry.

Hardison was positive when asked about the chemistry between him and the receivers.

“I’d say so, I think it’s getting there. I think by fall will get there with the chemistry.” Hardison said in an April 8 press conference.

Sophomore wide receiver Tyrin Smith felt the team has a lot of momentum going into the fall and feels locked in for the start of the season.

“Like I said everybody is locked in and has the same goal, mindset, and everybody wants to win and losing is not an option.”

The Miners open up their 2022-2023 football season against the University of North of Texas at 6 p.m. April 8 at Sun Bowl Stadium.

Daniel Alec Lopez is a staff reporter and may be reached at [email protected]