Miners rally past the Rattlers in exhibition match

Daniel Lopez, Staff Reporter

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  • Teal Battle along with her teammates scream for joy during the last quarter of the game against St. Mary’s University during their home game on Nov. 7.

  • Destiny Thurman dribbles passed St. Mary’s player during the home game on Nov. 7 against St. Mary’s University.

  • Erin Wilson shoots a free throw shot against St. Mary’s University during their home game on Nov. 7.

  • Forward Teal Battle drops to the ground as St. Mary’s player tries to grab the ball from her on Nov. 7.

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The Lady Miners (1-0,0-0) secured an 83-45 victory against St. Mary’s University (0-1,0-0) Sunday afternoon at the Don Haskins Center. The Lady Miners were able to control the game from the first quarter all the way to the end thanks to excellent defense and shooting.  

To start the first half, graduate transfer forward Teal Battle put them on the board with a 2-0 lead after making a jump shot.  

Junior guard Destiny Thurman increased the lead for the Miners to 4-0 at the 7:04 mark, however the Rattlers finally got on the board with a jump shot, putting the score at 4-2. But the Miners responded quickly pushing the lead to 6-2. 

Sophomore guard Avery Crouse sank a three-pointer to put the Miners lead at 9-2, however fifth year senior forward Hanna Wilson for the Rattlers answered with a layup to make the score 9-4. Crouse would sink another 3-pointer to put the lead at 12-4 at the 4:19 mark. 

Sophomore guard Eliana Cabral received a pass under the basket and would score to put the Miners up 14-5. Junior forward Tanya Balic for the Rattlers cut the lead to 14-7 after a lay-up was made. Battle cut through the defense for a layup to put the score at 16-7.  Sophomore guard Katia Gallegos followed that with a 3-pointer to increase their lead to19-7.  

The Rattlers would close in on UTEP’s lead with a score of 24-10 after a string of baskets. At the 6:06 mark, Crouse found freshman forward Brenda Fontana for a layup to put the score at 26-14, answering the Rattlers’ runs. But a 3-pointer was made from junior guard Brianna Ford to cut down their lead to 26-17.

The Rattlers would go on a small run cutting the lead down to 29-21. However, the Miners would answer quickly after a foul on junior guard Masha Vasilevko, putting her at the free throw line, and sinking both free throws to put the lead at 31-21 at the 3:24 mark. 

At the 2:26 mark, Vasilevko sank a 3-point shot to put the Miners up 36-23. 

Nearing halftime, Crouse would get the and one to fall in and get the free throw shot but would miss it putting the score at 40-23. 

At the half the Miners lead the Rattlers with a score of 45-30. 

In the start of the second half, Thurman would get the team going, making a layup which put the score at 47-30. Fifth year senior forward Hannah Wilson scored a pair of baskets back-to-back for the Rattlers to cut the score down to 47-34.  

Thurman sunk a jumpshot to make the score 49-34 at the 4:50 mark after a pass from Crouse. 

Gallegos sliced through the defense for a layup to put the lady miners up 51-36 near the end of the third quarter. Crouse would add to the lead as she sank a 3-pointer to make the score 54-36. 

Sophomore guard Mahri Petree got a basket to fall right at the shot clock expiration, followed with a steal from Crouse to put the lead at 59-38 after both baskets were made. Cabaral would get a basket of her own as time expired at the end of the third quarter to make the score 61-38.  

The Miners would add a couple more baskets to increase their lead to 67-40, and would continue to pour it on the Rattlers to give them an 83-45 victory. 

The Miners are back at the Don Haskins at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 11 to face the University of Incarnate word as they officially kick off their season.