New sports editor to spotlight all athletics equally


Sports are impactful all around the world and athletes everywhere make a difference every day, both on the field and off. As someone who loves sports, I understand the importance of sports media, which is why I am both excited and honored to be given the opportunity to work at The Prospector this fall. 

I was overjoyed when I was informed that I was chosen as the new sports editor for this semester, and I am excited to help contribute to both this section and this paper’s success in whatever capacity possible. 

I am a multimedia journalism major with a minor in rhetoric writing here at UTEP. I am also a freelance photographer and videographer on the weekends when given the time and opportunity. 

As the new sports editor, there are a couple of goals that I hope to accomplish in my time with The Prospector.  

One of my main goals is to do my absolute best to make sure every sport is both included and heard. I want to make sure I can get coverage for every sport possible and try to make sure that not only are the more popular sports included in The Prospector, but also the ones that don’t receive the same amount of attention. 

Another goal of mine is to do more feature stories rather than just game recaps or previews. I hope to explore deeper stories that are yet to be told or discovered. My goal is to help uncover stories that remind people of why sports are so important to some. 

I love sports, and the only thing that has brought me closer to it has been my love for sports journalism. It’s one thing to watch from the crowd, but getting to experience sports through a lens or doing your best to recreate those big moments through words is an experience that is unlike any other.  

I hope that after I graduate next December that I can continue to work in sports journalism as it is a long-awaited dream of mine. This dream is possible because of the amazing people I have in my life. 

I come from one of the most amazing support systems there is. My family, friends and mentors have been very supportive and influential, and I am so grateful for all the love and support they’ve shown me while on this journey. 

I specifically want to thank my high school yearbook advisor, Mrs. Rivera, as she was my first teacher in sports journalism. I walked in not knowing anything about it and yet she encouraged me to constantly be working and improving. She encouraged me to apply myself, even when I wasn’t sure about it being something I considered for a career.  

I would also like to thank Victoria Rivas, our Arts & Culture editor here at The Prospector. She informed me of the open position and encouraged me to apply, and even helped me with the application process. I would not be here without her help and support, and I am so lucky to call her not only my colleague, but also my friend. 

The Prospector staff have been extremely welcoming and inclusive. I am so proud of the work we have already done, and I’m so excited to see what we do from here. 

I hope that I will see students, faculty, and staff follow us along our journey with The Prospector by picking up copies and following us on our website and social media platforms. 

Emily Autumn Velasquez is the sports editor at The Prospector and can be reached at [email protected]; @emilyautumn20 on Twitter.