UTEP’s Student Recreation Center hosts pumpkin patch


Connor Martinez

Students had the opportunity to paint and carve pumpkins, to participate in a contest organized by the Student Recreation Center.

Levi Carlos, Staff Reporter

With Halloween only a few days away, UTEP’s Student Recreation Center (SRC) hosted its second-ever pumpkin patch at the multipurpose field, behind the UTEP student recreation center. The Recreational Sports Department gave away pumpkins they purchased from the La Union Corn Maze for students, staff, faculty, alumni and their guests Thursday, Oct. 21 and Friday, Oct. 22.  

“This is our second time doing the pumpkin patch and we’re trying to create a tradition,” said Alicia Coltrane, the coordinator for marketing at the SRC.  

The SRC staff laid out pumpkins around their multipurpose field and hosted a pumpkin painting and carving competition. Participants were given a relaxation packet and an adult coloring book upon their arrival.  

There was an array of paints, paintbrushes and carving utensils provided for participants to paint and carve their pumpkins. Submissions for the contest were virtual, participants posted a picture of their pumpkins on social media and tagged the UTEP recreation center. The winners of the contest were announced on Monday, Oct. 25. 

This is similar to last year’s SRC’s pumpkin patch. Due to COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, the pumpkin patch was drive-thru only, and contests were only held virtually. 

The pumpkin patch allowed some relief for students who are wrapping up their midterms with some Halloween festivities. 

“We are halfway through the semester, and I thought instead of doing my three papers I have due or presentation or whatever, I think I’m going to take a hot minute to paint some pumpkins,” said one enthusiastic UTEP student. 

Students gathered in the pumpkin patch to connect with each other before the semester gets more challenging. 

“When my clinical group wanted to do a fun activity to bond before we start going to the hospital, I suggested this activity and we’re having a lot of fun,” said UTEP student Ashton Martinez. 

This year’s SRC pumpkin patch was a celebration of Halloween and a great escape from the woes of midterms and homework. It was a festive atmosphere that allowed the UTEP community an opportunity to carve pumpkins and celebrate Halloween free of charge.  

Although the pumpkin patch has ended, there are still some Halloween festivities taking place at the SRC in the coming days. On Oct. 28, the SRC climbing gym is hosting a spooky climbing gym challenge from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. This event allows participants to test their climbing skills while getting candy in the spirit of Halloween. There is also a special surprise for those who wish to dress up in a costume. 

More information can be found on the UTEP rec sports Instagram page or online at www.utep.edu/student-affairs/rsd. 

Levi Carlos is a staff reporter and can be reached at [email protected]